at least i stand up

salams. well, at least i stand up. hehe.

just a teaser. this is my second post and i have no idea what i should/want to write. what i’m thinking is the craving of watching hendustan muvie now. unfortunately, i have an essay to finish. an essay! not more than 500 words. pfft. just for the sake of the EduSmith writing competition. i’m not willingly chose myself yea. i have no idea why teacher chose me anyway. i sucks at writing. kehkeh.

what cross your head when you hear abour climate change?

this is the bright side of me writing this essay.

selalu je kite dengar earth is getting worst and tenat everyday. but, kite tak tau spesifically right? i just knew that 95% species on earth had extinct. wow. how bad our earth is man.ingatkan global warming nie effect kat alam sekitar and ekonomi negara sahaja. the economy problems actually turn to us. fuhlamak.price of water is rising people!

all in all, take action people! at least jimat-jimat laa. recycle maybe. (like my family). i’m proud to say this.huhu. macam mak kate,

jangan asyik tulis dalam karangan je reduce, reuse, recycle.tapi, kite tak buat.

she’s 100% right.

esok dah kene balik hostel.muahaha.tak ske balik sekolah. suffering.

can’t wait to finish school.



One thought on “at least i stand up

  1. how in the world u can say that u sucks at writing?
    pergh.bengang plak rase.43/50 x cukup keeeeeeeeeee???????
    warghhhh!!tension tul.haha

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