stuffing my body with foods,carbs-anything that makes me fat.and i’m lovin it.
otak kanan nak bace chemistry.
otak kiri nak bace private.
my body? ……..a big fat sleep.

tadi mak ‘story’ about foods.not that kind of story.—-the halal food kind of story.
we(the whole family) have restriction about eating junk foods-sweets-anything that our taste buds were in love with. kadang-kadang kalau makan bende2 macam tuh rase guilty that i should be put in jail.islam teach us to eat HALAL and HEALTHY foods.—-we are what we eat—-

maybe some people pop up questions like:
1. “why muslims need halal foods?? ”
2. “what’s wrong with these people?? cannot eat that…cannot eat this..”
3. ….and so on….

makanan halal nie sume menjamin kebersihan, kesucian khasiat makanan tuh actually. i dont’ know how to say this scientifically but lembu yg disembelih didapati lebih suci daripada lembu yang ditembak mati.makanan haram nie sebenarnye menjadi penghalang untuk amalan and ibadah kite being post directly to Allah the almighty and for Him to accept it.

whenever we go to the market,kedai runcit,kedai baju..err…the point is that don’t just look at the ‘halal’ label but to use our freakin’ mind and brain along with your sight by reading the ingredients AND be aware of the producer. avoid syubhah and you’ll live a happy life.heh.simple huh.

i’m reminding myself incase i forgot.


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