anis ohh amni

ohh yea.

this is gud.

we went always ngan aniss.everityme she went back to was like a celebration of our ‘reunion’.
some things NEVER CHANGE. for example.aniss. GOD she’s still skinny. maybe skinnIER! told her everytime not to miss her breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper and additional meal. still, she’s not listening. maybe she need a little help from the ear doctor. or a nutrionist.

mamamia. aniss, you should listen to your wise-gud looking-handsome-kinda cute friend.

whut are friends for?

you too amni. i realized you had your weight lost. ohh my. my world is full of aneroxiac.bulemiac. skinny tiny kurus lidi people.
except me of course. ohh LORD.


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