how to give a soul to your heart

the holy Quran

1 recite and read the Quran during Fajr because that is when you can find the actual peace.

establish regular prayers at the sun’s decline till the darkness of the night, and the recital of the Quran in the morning prayer for the recital of dawn is witnessed

– surah Al-Isra’-ayat 78

amat jelas dan beruntunglah pada orang yang membaca Quran di waktu Fajr sebab ia disaksikan oleh para malaikat. ohh, terujanye kalau malaikat tengok kita.


2 recite the Quran and read along the meaning of each ayat

believe it or not but this is one of the Quran’s power or what we call mukjizat. Quran can actually make us cry. with sincerity and a humble heart, Quran can make us cry even much worse than a love novel made us cry.


3 open your heart before reciting the Quran

take a moment and actually open your heart to accept everthing that you read in the Quran.


4 and last but not least, be humble along your recitation.

and after you’ve finished, it doesn’t end there but read and remember with your heart.mujahadah to yourself that you have to improve yourself.second by second.minute by minute.hour by by day.month by month.and year by year.


just reminding incase i forgot

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