suddenly soundtracks

salams alaik’

i’m extremely exageratingly(err) exhausted. nak kate buat homework last minute.erm not really. i’ve been a pretty gud student. pretty gud not great.tapi, seems like the more i tick off my homeworks list, out of nowehere berduyun-duyun homework dtg lg.aww. watev. neway. i havent slept tightly since….well…this holiday! a start working in the midnight and start unmaking my bed in Fajr. mcm vampire.looks like edward cullen and i have a chemistry.hold you envy ladies.

i am stating-

out of nowehere.all of a sudden.accidently.unexpectedly.x memasal. i suddenly into soundtracks. i mean into it. currently i’m stuffing my sense of hearing with pirates of the caribbean-narnia-twilight-harrypotter-soundtracks.

i know. curiosity.but  undeniably, kewl! great! owh-some! <—whut am i saying.??

my current playlist *mangkok grin*:

1. narnia – here comes the king (now i know where does the ‘shift ur paradigm’s song came from!)

2.  bella’s lullaby – carter burwell (mcm lagu kat otel )^_^

3. life b4 bella – robert pattinson (luv this)

4. moonlight serenade – pirates of the caribbean ( warghaha)

5. humans are predators too – carter burwel (wow.the song title*)

6. full moon – the black ghost (opening of twilight.i guess)

7. kiss the rain

8. supermassive black hole – muse (i think i’ll loose my eardrum everytime i hear this)

9. red mist

10. this is home – switchfoot (niiice)

while people and ladies were in love with twilight and robert pattinson, i listen to the soundtracks. less crowded ^-^


ohh. this is what i do when ‘tensioness ‘discover me.

i will sure miss my room when school starts. babai my crib.take care.elakkan dari persepahan~

what do you call..? err study crib?

what do you call..? err study crib?


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