writing mostly

honestly, everytime i want to write something in my blog. my mind goes blank. white as a sheet. nadha. khalas(err.not appropriate word huh.)

i heard what people call blogging a long time ago.way back then. but i seems not interested in making one.

until now.

i read a FEW blogs. ‘few’ is just a figure speech.a loads actually. somes end up with me rolling on the floor.laughing. somes bored me to death. i  can even sleep reading it. even my cat can sleep, if only i have a cat. if i have a cat, i’ll name her naddy.

back to the point.

blogging.blogging.bloging. whuts up with blogging. see..? i become blank. urgh. this is crap. i am a very bad writer. very,  totally, immensely,  bad writer.

have you read a blog that capture your interest and you started to say

“ohh hoho. she’s cool! she’s funny! next post2x!”

then you go through a boring blog and you started to say

“duuuh..?? what is she’s writing about. lame!”


my point is, everyone has their one mind and thoughts. no matter how lame it is. hehe.blogging is a good practice in writing. for a newbie blogger like me, i find it interesting yet hard. yeaa. maybe the first day you’ll be the most lame blog writer ever. but then the second day, you’ll be better. and who knows the next day your thoughts and writings hit the chart! haha.

blog is widely use throughout the world. blogging is a way to express love. express anger. write about cool and uncool stuff

blogging is a way of da’wah.



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