gatal kaki?

seriously, the title above has NOTHING to do with i am about to write beneath.(haha.yess bang.i’m a copycat)

pejam celik  pejam celik, mengeliat sana situ sini, sendawa tak henti henti then here goes the end of 2009.  a symbolic year. the end of 2009. the end of my school-life. the beginning of 2010? the beginning of a whole new world for me. it’s not the end. it’s just the beginning. “you’ll be surprised for what the world has installed for you guys”. a sentence a that will always running through my mind in the mean time.

“tarbiyyah”. a BIG word. si dia dan aku dipertemukan tika aku masih digelar seorang pelajar SM Hira’. then people, i’m no longer a school student. but then, i have to keep that BIG word alive in my heart. the time masa trasfer to SMKA Pedas. wahlamak. a slap in the face. i’m getting out from the comfort zone people. undeniably, memang ada masa tersungkur jatuh, break down, give up, macam dah tak nak buat apa-apa, macam nak tido atas katil and mimpi pasal DSLR non-stop, rase macam tak nak cakap a word. but then, if i actually chose that particular path, what the heck of tarbiyyah that i’ve been learning for years huh? so, finally i know i have to think and act. the world isn’t going by its own, the cake isn’t baked by itself, my little baby sister surely won’t put on her clothes by herself(apologive.ignore).

2010 dah mengetuk pintu.actually dah masok dah siap makan minum lagi sebenarnya. note to myself and those who seriously care for themselves, keep tarbiyyah living in your heart.

petikan dari seorang sahabat yang sangat baik:

“tarbiyyah yourselves like a seed. after all the soil. the water. the sunlight. when it grows to a tree. it then gives oxygen to the ones who need it and everyone else around.”

let it be you an engineer, a medical doctor, an architect, a graphic designer, a teacher or an entertainer – keep yourself together and keep breeding the sense of tarbiyyah at least in your heart. Add an Image

p/s: my first 2010 post at 3.10 am after struggling myself to bed. syukr 🙂

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