Flying Freely to Terengganu

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

One night when i was day dreaming thinking of what am i going to be? How will i look in 10 years time? What are my children’s names in the future? How’s my pet (an invisible cat) doing in 3 years time? and so on and so on. Suddenly i remembered my fellow longing friend ; Anis.

Teringat kata hikmat seorang rakanku ; Amni. ” jom pigi T’ganu” (sangatlah hikmat).

So, we decided to go to Terengganu and to surprise our fellow longing friend, anis. don’t blame us. you see, it’s a VERY quick and and the spot plan. Amni booked 2 firefly tickets then, we packed our bags on the spot. we have no intention of not inviting others my fellow friends, but it was a quick decision. i hereby apologize. takpe, bile kite dah kaya-raye nanti, kt pusing around the world yeaah. (figure speech).

Muka masing-masing sgt excited sbb naik plane(cam tak pernah naik jek). Then, ktorang berlagak macam budak2 dewasa sbb plane tuh sgt penuh dengan org korporat. Ade makcik stewardess tanye ” nie nak pg belajar ke dik…?”. “takdelah, nak bertunang….”(that was what on my mind at that time.haha). dengan nada normal, “takdelah.visit kawan^__^”

what an adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

i love flying on flight. i can even cry flying on flight. i cried when i was on my way to go to umrah. i cried when i got back from umrah. i cried deep inside when i was on my way to this t’ganu trip. (didn’t see that coming huh amni? ๐Ÿ™‚ and i cried silently when i was on my way back to subang from t’ganu (amni was asleep). the reason i cried was this :

“Is it that you deny Him who created the Earth in two days? and do you join equals with Him? He is the Lord of all the worlds.” -Fussilat, 9

a friend of mine wrote something,”muhasabah itu manasabah”

so, flying for me is my personal muhasabah. the contrast of colours and creation between the land and the sky is extremely and excruciatingly breath taking. you can see the differences of culture of people on the other side of the world by only looking at their land from above. plus, it makes me feel how tiny and discrete i am compared to my Beloved. reading the above verse, i can say no more about it.

we prepared for our journey to t’ganu. and the most funny thing is our BAGS or should i say LUGGAGE. i planned to wash my clothes there, at t’ganu and my luggage was very small and inlogical for a week period. but amni was different. she prepared EVERYTHING. easy to say that she has perfectly ADEQUATE clothes.

so, Amni dengan videocam sedia di tangannya, recorded almost every moment of us together. from the image of our departure gate to the image of our arrival gate at subang.

fatin pula bersiap sedia dengan her own personal vintage ricoh camera planned to capture every moment of us. tapi, bile dah sampai di t’ganu dan terserempak dan mengalami cinta pandang pertama dengan anis’s sweet sony dslr, saya curang sebentar ๐Ÿ™‚

macam-macam berlaku di t’ganu. daripada kene belasah dengan adik anis, amir, sehinggalah jatuh naik rollerblade(due to lack of experience).

our everyday activites was recorded on anis’s personal blog. so, no need for me to repeat them. so, saye hanya buat conclusion;

When they say till death do us apart, it was not enough for me. because nothing can break our ukhuwah until the afterlife besides ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚

p/s : ohh yea. faten dah ade her first human boyfriend ; amir (adek anis yang berumur 4 tahun tetapi maskulinnye seperti ahli gusti berumur 25 tahun)


One thought on “Flying Freely to Terengganu

  1. wah.bestnye nek gi ganu pulok uuh.beh dok gi wat gape situ?mesti beh paghok ok?hahaha.da lme x ckp ganu.jeles2…

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