After Two Years of Self-Independence ;)

In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

On 20th Jan 2010 : We gathered :)))

Lepas 2 tahun masing-masing struggle meneruskan kehidupan masing-masing(eceh) dan get through SPM, we planned to make a gathering. The idea came up first bile dapat tau our dearest friend akan migrate to Syria (this is how it spelt aniss). So, it was as a farewell mini-party-gathering for Farzana and all of us. Hell it wasn’t easy yeaa! we changed the date a few times around sebab biaselah, masing-masing dah habis SPM, sume kene jage rumah tangga sendiri 🙂 Venue pon pening pale nk fikir katner.

At last :

Venue : Amni’s SWEET crib (bile ditaip sini ‘sweet’, i mean really SWEET)

Date : 20th Jan 2010

Add. information : please bring snacks ^__^”

ohh yea, outfits : menutup aurat and GREEN 🙂

So, here goes our gathering. saye datang awal pagi pkol 6 pg (just kidding), pkol 8/9 senarnye sbb nk kejot amni bangon tido.

then, with a few balloons here and there, a FEW snacks amni and anis bought – everything was set! plus, my long-distance best friend came along after about 5 years apart :)) si Amirah Solehah. macam jejak kaseh pule 😛

We ate Domino’s that was ordered by me -hold ur applause :), cakes by mimi and others and talk about what will happen to us in the next 10 years 🙂

Farhanah : 5 kids and a rich husband

Farzana    : i’ll speak arabic fluently and flirt on Syrian guy:P

Amirah     : Will produce a malay movie ala ala Korea.

Hamizah   : Drive my kids everywhere with my driving license

Rose           : Fluently speak Korea and Japan and flirt on Asian guys yang beriman.heh.

Mimi          : Baking myself a choc cake

Anis           : get married(ehem ehem) and breed rabbits

Amni         : be healty and build up a Health Academy :))

Sheefa’      : the most adorable doctor ever  hired!

Fatin Nad: Travel around the world with my heart-throbing camera kit – DSLR with sweet lense-Lomo :)))))))))))

p/s: everything written above was fiction and sweet fantasy.

That’s preetty much our day. and bile Faten bertemu buat kali kedua dengan Anis’s DSLR, again, saye curang terhadap camera sendiri.sori Ricoh.

InsyaAllah, lepas nehh bile sume dah de rumah tangge masing-masing, kite bertemu lagik yeaa. (it’s not like we never going to see each other after this.hah) a desire of self-hope was being put here that we keep holding our Iman strong and solid that whatever comes in the incoming new world will not rip our Iman apart 🙂 try imagine urself as a fish in the deep blue ocean. tak pernah rase masin walaupun bernafas dan hidup dalam era kemasinan.


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