Teardrops Running Through My Vein

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

Anger. Love. Pain.

that’s what i’ve been feeling today. I can’t go to my previous school.
Anger because i can’t go.
Love because i love my juniors and miss them.
Pain because it hurts too much deeply inside when i failed to accomplish my targets.

Look at the bright side Faten :
umm. ——————–still thinking the bright side….——————–

————still thinking————

ok.it will come out eventually.

“Setiap ape yg Allah aturkan pada kt ade hikmah sayang…” A VERY good friend of mine told me 🙂

ujian adalah tarbiyyah dr Allah. Teguhkan iman di hati kecilmu ini. Didik izzah terhadap Islam dan zuhud terhadap segala yang mungkin.
This is just a small slap for you dear. More is awaiting you.

—-The bright side—- :

i can get to see the perfect harmony of the Holy Quran. The position of stars, moon, sun.

Subhannallah 🙂


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