The Beauty of Beauty

In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

This is what i love about photography. it captures the beauty of everything. when you came across a picture, there are some photos that can actually make a beating heart stop and the planet stop on its orbit and you thought “heyy, i never think of that can actually turn out to be that!” photography clearify the beauty of creations. the beauty things. the beauty of the Beholder.

photography can tell you a story. a photo can turn out to be an endurable agony it can out turn out to be something indisputably beautiful. it can turn out to be a perfect symphony in one instrument more profound than any created by man. to the tiniest little thing to the most massive thing ever existed.

of course, photography needs light. even the slightest light ray. you need in photography. love to share the first person who ever written and discover various of important data about light – Ibnu Haitham.

yes. a muslim people. he was the one who inspired many Europe scientist to create something new. he first discovered gravity before Isaac Newton did. he first discover the principle of air volume before Trricella found out about it after 500 years period.

light has a very strong bond and relationship with knowledge. Because knowledge is the light. and light won’t go trough something that is dark and shallow. Kalau hati kita gelap dan hitam, camna cahaya nak masuk? camna ilmu nak masuk? so, heart is the main key for our brain to function properly 🙂

this is  brief story about photography-light-knowledge-and heart 😉

anyway, when people are bustling around busy talking about DSLR that they have and how wonderful the product might be, one fact that i have to endure – i don’t have it. yet. this obviously i have passion for photography 🙂 lantaklah bile abang saye ade sweet DSLR die, takpelaah bile Anis and Farzan ade DSLR die or Kak Amrina and others too (haha) saye akan tetap bersabar 🙂

Sabar kan separuh daripada Iman

p/s: kak Amrina de pesan, “belasah btol camera compact Faten tuh sampai Faten kene upgrade” hehe.tq for the inspiration!


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