Torchbearers of the Ummah ;)

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

i’m going to be perfectly honest.

i’m  not really good at smiling.and i’m not really good at updating. (that’s a reasonable excuse for not updating regularly ;)))

my first week of orientation week-shall i say ta’aruf week just ended. right now i’m probably scribbling at words updating this post while my cousin-yg-mmg-tido-cepat-sbb-asyik-mengantok is sleeping soundlessly. haaaih. enrolling to cfs iium was AN experience. takde dah dewan dewan makan nehh. cash sendrikk 😉 – i have so much to tell and there here goes – i begin the post with FOOODS.

the room was ….err…..well, it’s decent..and nice. i think.

toilets in my previous school manage to grab the first place if they are competing the toilets at iium. still, i can handle them.

i have to forgive the extremely hott weather due to the global warming. klu dlm photography, overexposed nehh!

writing about photography, how i missssssssssssssssssss my Winter Sunrise and d90.ngehngeh. have no guts to bring such thing to iium’s  hostel in my first week at cfs iium.

overall – not bad. there were department introduction, motivation talk, culture nite, dress code and ect. but it was undeniable that i miss my home, friends(hira’ians & smkapians), little farah, tv, camera, anisss,brothers.  i met new people and i have nice roommates. kedah sorang, terengganu sorang and gombak sorang. just imagine how long does it take for me to process the message that wanted to tell me. *wink*wink*

have to stand strong and hopefully not alone coz  He’ll always be with me 🙂 i need to find a ‘Making New Friends for Dummies’ book. aaand thank you to anisaisyah for taking care of my cafe’s all about the cash people.

how long will stand at CFS IIUM is a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE question 😉

5 thoughts on “Torchbearers of the Ummah ;)

  1. Hmm kat PJ ape yee best untuk di klik klik. Hahaha kat PJ bosan la nk amik gamba. Unless minat mcm cityscape atau urban style punye pict or street candid and of course architectural punye jenis. Oh dan byk jalan yg masih busy malam2 untuk amik gamba long exposure buat light trail.

    lagi…ape yek ada kat PJ. Oh dekat dgn kedai2 kalau nk tambah accessory photography lah =D

    • ayya.barru nak explore explore. tp Allah lebih menyayangi.ngehngeh.dah kuar PJ daaah.lagiipon gi uia tak tergerak hati nk bwk kamera lagi.sbb banyaaaak kecurian.tanak menangis bile ‘buah hati’ kene curi nnti.

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