It feels exactly like one of those dreams in which you suddenly realize that you have to take a test you haven’t studied for and you aren’t wearing any shoes and you’ve left you wallet at home

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merficul.

it’s 1.43 am and i can’t sleep. i came back from class and arrived home at 7 pm. sangatlah penat jadi lepas mandi express dan solat maghrib jemaah pergi kejar katil.(takdelaah katil pon.tilam je kott) kunci jam pukul 9 pm nak bangun balik. unfortunately the only little kid in the house came knocking harshly at my door and screamed, “akak! nk kaler kertas-kertas tuh!yg square-square tuh kan! pleaseeee!” honestly of a child and the confidence of an adult. so my sleep was somekind of ‘corrupted’. jadi pabila alarm berbunyi tepat jam 9 pm, i threw the alarm clock. (figure speech neh.the alarm clock is now still safe and sound) guling-guling 12.30am bangun balik sbb tak solat lagi. now here i am.

i am currently attending an intensive english class in order to kill my time. i’m tired of getting too much rest in the house. rumah terletak dekat enstek, tapi class english kat subang jaya. nice one fatin. plus, i have to be there at 8.30 sharp in the morning. everyday. 8.31 is considered late. bukanlah nk merungut ataupun menggedik mengadu. tapi pabila jarak rumah anda ke kelas harian anda mengambil masa lebih kurang 1 jam, tambah lagi dengan rengekan adik kecil yang membuatkan anda melayan kartun mickey mouse depan tv jam 7 pagi, agak kelam kabut terkejar-kejar kelas jam 8.30. so far, so good. the teacher never give complains about me.

i’ve decided to attend intensive english class as my pre-preparation for my studies. the most captivated part is that most of the students at the english centre are foreigners. korean, iranian, japanese, so on and so forth. my class consisted of 6 students and we are at level 7. the highest level that is currently offered there. now when i typed the highest level available, don’t put urself in awe and coolness yet. big chances that i have lower english proficiency than yours. i have 3 iranian classmates, 1 from sudan and the rest two are from m’sia (me and another chinese girl) when i first came in to class, it was hard to understand what they are trying to say truthfully. with their accent and stuff. but know i think i’m used to it. it’s interesting to see how other people’s perception of the world too. they hated the rain in m’sia because they claimed its acidic while in their country, they can freely walk around the street under the rain. i think because its not that heavy compared to m’sia’s. and i love one of my iranian classmate because she has sicko fascination towards photography as i am.kekeke. she’s 22 and she’ll pursue animation in the future.

i had my first luch with them today sebab before this cam malu-malu nk join lunch dgn dorang. see people, today they asked me did i memorize all the vocabularies that i use in class because they thought i have high level of vocabulary in english language which i don’t. as far as i know, i use simple and bodo-bodo punyaa vocabs je kott. in iran, they teach very simple grammar to the students. and they don’t practice how to use it or learn how to speak. so these people are so eager to learn and i’m impressed with their guts. they would do anything to learn everything. today they learn what is constipated. (kekekke.sorry for the inappropiate language here) and the class room is freaking bewildering cold! my body was literally shivering. i can feel the cold air in my lungs, i can feel my heart serenely pounding so hard(hahha.dramatic effect) and i often have to excuse myself to the washroom due to the fact that it’s cold and i drink tonnes of water. so my tank is always full. i hate getting myself dehydrated

so, my everyday classes are like going to school again. 8.30am till 3.30pm. i have reading & writing , LCT, conversation and SSP(structure speaking practice). these are the subjects covered my whole day. i learnt what was liposuction meant and now i know what is transuestite. macam belajar kat medical school plak.hagagaga. and i have homework. everyday. and we have assesment. every week. nice huh? 😉 i have quizzes and homework to submit tomorrow and haven’t even started anything yet. and i am playing all the lullabies, nocturnes, sleepy music to soothe the savage girl in this bedroom. self-pity floods me.

and as for my best friends, classmates, dormmates, teammates,  shoppingmates, pengawasmates, killmates, gossipingmates who are studying in the university, matriculations, pusat asasi uia ;), pasum, pusat dakwah, form 6 and self-learning at home, i wish and pray the best for all of you and strive for your best. it’s not about making the right or perfect decision to prevent the wrong decision that we claim can ruin and crush our lives. but to live with our decision and make the best from them 🙂

and german officially lost. wanted german to win but spain actually played quit good.haaaih. holland ade. takpe.

and i am lusting for one of these.

well, this is it for now.  goodnight world. argh-scratch that. there are homework missions need to be done.

4 thoughts on “It feels exactly like one of those dreams in which you suddenly realize that you have to take a test you haven’t studied for and you aren’t wearing any shoes and you’ve left you wallet at home

  1. jealous jealous jealous
    god i am so want to learn english

    cut the crap,
    oh lastly ,one long story here.not to mention d subject too
    best woh ade japanese.blajar la japanese plak 😛

  2. ben ten. tetibe tak prasan dah type 293294734934839129 huruf.japanese tuh klas lain.xde chance.belajar bahasa parsi bleh.

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