Dead Calm

In the name of Allah Most Gracous Most Merficul.

wake up at 5am.this test got me in chains. i gave undivided attention to this day. ambil wudhu’ sebentar and said my holy prayers. 2 more hours to go. about more than and hour, Subuh, showered, grab my bag and off i went. my hands are sweating and the knots of tension twisting my shoulders, hands, legs, almost every part of my body.

i had this traumatic experience and it wasn’t a happy ending.

this is how i ended up.

i was sitting, waiting for my turn. then came this guy to gave a little briefing. he was working himself up – like a pep talk before the world cup. i waited and waited and a second felt like a year. it was unendurable agony. then my name was being called. i took a very deep breath. too deep that i felt the oxygen in the air was not enough.

i tried to calm myself and said whatever prayers that crossed my mind

after 2 hours enduring the agony, i huffed in relief. gratefully, i passed the driving test. finally! the moment they said i passed the test, i heard the whisper of birds preening their feathers in the treetops, their fluttering heartbeats, the durian leaves scraping together, the faint clicking of ants following each other in a long line up the bark of the nearest tree.

i went off the car and fighting to keep the coolness on my face.

then i’d decided to go to the bathroom. close the door to give myself some privacy and i did this…

i finally passed my driving test!

i never have to skip my class for the sake of going to that freaking driving school anymore to do my driving lesson. i never have to face the annoying, sorry scratch that. sweet driving teachers ever again. and i am irrevocably, undeniably happy (: gahaha.if only i knew how to tap dance. i am grateful grateful grateful grateful. Alhamdulillah 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Dead Calm

  1. hahahaha.
    thought u were going to take an exam of english or interview or whatsoever.cuak sangat je bunyiknya.
    boleh gelak guling2 tengok tarian dalam tandas tu.unimaginable.LOL
    anyway,i envy all of u who get ur driving license this year.aargh!

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