Have You Met Miss Anis?

i have. when i was thirteen

isolated herself to avoid the eye contact from others

inadvertently flashing us a benign smile

never knew she will be the one

that would hold my hand when the sadness was painted across my face

she will be the one that would call you in the midnight

and scare me with her ghost story

she can smile through the pain

she can comfort with her little voice

soft, high, babyish, soprano tinkling

the kind of voice that goes with black curls and pink bubble gum

she will raise her delicate skinny hand

and say sacred prayers for you

because she cares

miss Anis, when you are going through

an unendurable agony, remember that

you’ll be safe

with insomniac like me

under the umbrella of your prayers to Allah

and with all the pancakes for breakfast

and syrup to compliment your cook

this is my birthday present for your eighteenth anniversary of life

p/s : maaf. terpaksa post awal satu hari disebabkan korupsi internet yang tidak stabil. jadi, kemungkinan pada 24 hb, internet terputus 😉 praise to Allah


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