It’s Hard to Tell and Draw at the same time

In the name of Allah Most gracious Most Merciful.

it’s 11.15 pm, Sunday. and it’s been 27 days ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides the locals, foods, wheather and the public transport, everything is the same as in Malaysia. (kekeke). I arrived on Friday night to my accomodation after 13 hours flight (huargh) but it’s not that bad as i got upgraded to first class because they overbooked. *grateful grin*grin* The supervisors are awesome. They’ve been very helpful with everything.

And Ramadhan here is okay ๐Ÿ™‚ i don’t feel very hungry because it’s cold but one thing my new indonesian friend, Hisan and I couldn’t stand is that our stomaches grumble like a machine-craving for something to destroy. ย and i walk to college almost everyday now. about 20 mins walk. boleh kurus ni mas!

My morning Eid is nothing special. Mak called but in the morning but i couldn’t talk long because i was rushing for Eid prayers at Cambridge Muslim Community Centre with Hisan. (padan muka bangun lambat) it was a moderate Eid. i met a Malaysian who is doing her PhD ย at the University of Cambridge (i know.woah) and i might be going to her open house next week ๐Ÿ™‚ Then after Eid prayers, i walk back to college and i decided to walk to Atikah’s Varsity House. we have to passed the theme park trip for the sake of celebrating Eid with other Malaysians in London. Kak Kama and her friends Kak Farah and her housemate, Kak Dayah have been an awesome tour guide and sister ๐Ÿ™‚ because of them, we didn’t celebrate Eid alone this year.

Going to London for the first time was like ‘woah!’

Okay.i wrote everything above like err 2 weeks ago. then i couldn’t finished it so it was kept in the dark in the draft folder. *sigh*

cheers to kak amrina, i am typing again :))) now it has been 2 weeks since i started my classes. feels like going to school again. deduct the uniform, assemblies and prefects, everything is very much similar. My economics teacher is Malaysian tho. how awesome. so, manglish will automatically spit out from my mouth whenever i talk to him. ^_^ ย i love my sociology class and english literature is awesome with somekind of extreme critical thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

my breakfast can be my lunch or my lunch can be my breakfast. my main menu-tuna sandwhich OR egg sandwhich. macam belon balik Malaysia nanti. now it’s crucially cold. the cold breeze can actually break your bone into pieces. if it rains, omg-kalah refrigerator kat Malaysia kot. the temperature is around 14 degrees now.

i have to mention the view and the scenery. roll on the floor amazed O.O

this is my Indonesian friend, Hisan. She’s seventeen. taking a-level. she loves facts and history. if you stumble upon her, you will automatically ask, “are you lost kiddo?”. because seriously, she has the blurrest, most innocent expression you’ll ever see. her face expression will make you want to give up all your 2 months candy supply to this kid.

this peeps, my lovely Malaysian friend-Atikah Suhaimi. She’s doing foundation in business. She has the eye of an eagle whenever she goes shopping. crazy,maniac and all the synonyms of ย insane. and when i tell that her pile of clothes are much bigger than her room, i am not kidding. seriously.straight face with serious sparkle on it. when i’m with her, i go crazy. no. scratch that. beyond crazy.

honestly, i didn’t have the chance to take a lot of pictures around cambridge yet. maybe due to the first few weeks of studies. and all the weekends spent in my house. doing laundry. and i haven’t bought cardreader YET. and i actually can see cambridge students keluar masuk st. johns college, trinity college, so on and so forth. o.O; struck with awe and creepy to think that it’s not damn easy to get it man.

p/s : woah. my first post in cambridge. i’m a procrastinator and i’m trying to overcome it with a dose of motivation ๐Ÿ˜‰ next time there’ll might be more snaps and my other peeps here(:


11 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Tell and Draw at the same time


    looks like ure having great time there! (minus when it gets cold la) and Hisan iss very very the cute! kenape die ade spek mcmtuuu haha.

    Just do your best there, nnt lama2 st. johns college is yours gurlll! XD

    • HAHA! Hisan mmg kecil dan cute indon friend. die ade polaroid kak AMRRR!!! gargh. mengape korang sume sangat cool?!?! itu spec accessories die. ngee. OMG. aim begitu tinggi itu that it seems impossible. pray for me kak amr! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. aten!!!such an advnterous life more thing…mane emelnye kak oi..cmne nak story mory,,,i need an explaination bout my probz..haha

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