Relentless Wind Passing Through

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

the agony and torment is indescribable. the load is invincible. humans are vulnerable. and i’m one of them. wondering how far i can go with these on my shoulder. i’m not lost but i just kept myself in the dark too long. but not long enough to reminisce my knot with Him. then the highest part of the body is now on the lowest ground in complete submission before Him.

He is closer than my jugular vein and He knows everything every minute. so keep calm and carry on my love.

And if we can take the time, To mute the noise we’ve built around ourselves, The rhythm of the heartbeat, And the purpose may be clear

And if we could just be brave enough to be each other mirror, We may finally recognize, The face of conscience that we fear


5 thoughts on “Relentless Wind Passing Through

    • hehheee. i doubt that this is considered as a poem. kata-kata yang tidak bermakna bagi yg menganggapnya tidak bermakna ;))) tak sempat nk tangkap gambar puas2 lagi kak amr :(( kelas di sana di sini. begitu jugee homework =..= itu pasal gune gambar photoshoot itu hari ;P

  1. xpe2 blaja dulu lg penting. Nnt free download la photoshop cs5 n learn how to use it. Your photos will improve a lot! =D

  2. I don;t know anything about photography, but your photos are awesome!!!! (lagi cantik dari my brother’s! Hahaha):D And your blog? wow, orang lain tergedik-gedik cerita fasal pakwe diorang, and yours are so.. different, and much better.

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