My Only Wish

All your armies, all your fighters
All your tanks, and all your soldiers
Against a boy holding a stone
Standing there all alone
In his eyes I see the sun
In his smile I see the moon
And I wonder, I only wonder
Who is weak, and who is strong?
Who is right, and who is wrong?
And I wish, I only wish
That the truth has a tongue

These eyes that produce tears aren’t the tears of sadness. it’s the tears of agony and pain by the love of something that i can’t touch or see but i can feel in my heart. He has never been so far away 🙂

it’s night and tomorrow’s school. just got through one week of school after my half-term holiday. every monday i have personal education. i’ve been told that this particular class is being arranged for the sake of providing students – tips to study, time management and etc. last monday was my first personal education session. and my personal education teacher is my english literature teacher. i adore her because whenever she recites a poem in our class, my jaw drop and if i’m lucky, i’ll get goosebumps. and oh, did i mention she was graduated from University of Cambridge? i know. O.O

she talked about Bonfire Night which was on last Friday-5th November. it is sometimes called Guy Fawkes Night. started as a thanksgiving and a commemoration of the prevention of a plot to murder King James 1 and his Parliament in 1605. so basically, there’s fireworks and a huge bonfire. which i didn’t go =..=

then she simply  wrote a question on the board. “is violence the perfect solution in every problem?” in my group, there’s 2 muslims, a protestant christian and a buddhist. it’s ironic and interesting as we discussed our opinion from different point of view with different religious backgrounds.  and at the end of the class, we have to present the stand in our religious belief.

sometimes we have to relearn what we know about our own religion to present it to other people who are non-believers.

will continue. i have sore throat, cold and i literally lost my voice. for real. asma nahar is my witness. and i don’t feel well.  +____+

7 thoughts on “My Only Wish

  1. salams
    yeay!an update!congrats
    nice post.really.i like the poem?or song?or whatever that is.i mean about that truth,strong,weak thing at the start of this post.
    anyway,about ‘she was graduated’ , ‘was’ tu perlu ke?rase x kot kan.
    btw,Syafakillah.semoga Allah sembuhkan enti.
    waiting 4 d next post~

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