Craving for nasi lemak, ikan keli, daging masak lemak-and the list never stop

this is what happen when a girl is being left alone in uk and the hardship to find halal food 🙂 hold your applause people *smug*smug* sila percaya ye abang yang gedik


in the name of Allah most Gracious Most Merciful.

when my skype beeps out of nowhere, i know the signal. either me or hisan is hungry. so we beep each other through skype dan menunjukkan emoticon yang nak minta menyepak 🙂 sebab lapar punya pasal. “so here goes nothin” with lack of skill and inexperience life, we ‘bantai’ the kitchen. honestly typing, the shopping part i can do but the assembly part that perplexes. “lantak je. campur sume bahan dalam kuali. then, makanlah!” – mas’ quote. Alhamdulillah. turn out to be incredibly sedap (:

had my first usrah with kak iqa and kak arifah this afternoon. i’ve charged myself with extracts from an-naba’ and the second verse of an-naba’ itself uses metaphor. instead of using the ‘Day of Judgement’ He uses ‘Great News’. and ironically the metaphor used gives a very big impact and memorability to the believers and nons. it’s amazing because the verses themselves urge us to think the wonder of the world and the galaxy. filth humans like us rarely pause for a moment and think of the creation and the beauty around us. too busy to spend a blink of an eye to see how flower blooms and how the night covers the day. these wonders of the world have been created by something that we can’t see or touch or feel and we benefit from them. yet we thank so little. muhasabah muhasabah. when we’re too busy with college and homeworks and revision, sometimes we tend to forget. pack classes and short break times are not excuses to miss solah. with zohor at 11.44pm and asar at 1.48pm – not easy. demand me to alert with the time. this is nothing. can’t ‘wait’ for winter 🙂 kuatkan kuatkan iman ku ini ya Rabbi.

and my parents are now currently doing their hajj. *jelous much* and after i sent my love letter to them last week, i got a reply on monday morning. 3 minutes left for my physics class,  i printed it. grab the paper from the printer and sprinted to my class. i read it while i was walking and hot tears started to run down my freezing cheeks. i pray them a mabrur hajj and may Allah be with them always. extract from the letter:

“Untuk menempuh alam yang penuh mencabar ini, hendaklah kita takut pada Allah, bersabar dalam kesusahan, berani menempuh dugaan , binalah kehidupan di atas tapak iman dan Islam dan jadikanlah Al Quran dan sunnah sebagai panduan. salam sayang dari emak and abah”

p/s : will face assessment week starting tomorrow. i’ll be idle and away for about two weeks. kamon kamon!

5 thoughts on “Craving for nasi lemak, ikan keli, daging masak lemak-and the list never stop

  1. seriously everytime i read ur post,i got jealous by the vocabs and terms and life that ure using and’s like ure hundreds way ahead me.jeles dengan ilmu2 yg enti ade n experiences yg enti rasa.ish!

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