Et trois par trois, dans nos cœurs essoufflés, Des secousses se forment, on réfléchit plus tard, mais n’arrive faut rêver

i woke up on Friday morning. open the window and wallah! i found this. foggy Friday morning with sparkling ice covering the road and the green grass. counting days till winter.

in the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

i just got through a whole week of assessments. with inadequate sleep-it’s not a piece of cake. i need to learn how to calm myself and not to panic about the whole thing as i might exaggerate things a little bit. when you have a lot of things to write on your exam paper with insufficient time given-sape tak panik? nak tercabot kot tangan lepas tulis essay sosiology about 2 and a half page in about 20 mins. “5 minutes left!” shouted my sociology teacher and i haven’t finished 2 more paragraphs more +..+ alhamdulillah sempat ponnn. cume tulisan mcm cakar burung gagak lah.

taken with my camera phone/phone camera, this is my economic class

i read a news about how school pupils plan a national walkout over tuition fees. The spending cuts by the government here has come under scrutiny by the public and the students as the government plan to raise the tuition fees and scrap the EMA, education maintenance allowance. EMA is a financial scheme applicable to students and those undertaking unpaid work-based learning in the United kingdom aged between sixteen and nineteen whose parents have a certain level of taxable income. A lot of students are really angry as the hope to go to top universities will be crushed as they just can’t afford to pay for it or end up with lot of debts later on. Instead of sitting on a couch and waiting for miracle of happen, they decided to make their voice heard. Lots of speculations and responds due to the spending cuts by the government here. i wonder how my higher education will be as i’m quite concerned when my friend told me that they are raising the tuition fees for intenational students much higher than the locals. agagga. mujahadah mujahadah.

and on last Tuesday, Prince William’s engagement was announced on BBC. epic 🙂 an idiosyncratic way to celebrate Eid here. talking about Eid, i celebrated Eid this year moderately. with the absence of rendang, pulut kuning, nasi lemak dan sewaktu dengannya, i’m still grateful that i have the chance to perform my Eid prayers Tuesday morning with my Kazakhstan friend, Aisha. woke up around 3 in the morning, finished my homeworks and perform solat sunat and at 6.45 in the morning, Aisha called me. (it was still dark and with the absence of any sunlight, she arrived at 6.45) o.O orang lain tengah tidur nyenyak buat peta hometown sendiri lagi kot mase tuuh. then, we went to school normally. (: after school, we decided to spark our Eid a bit so we had dinner at a Turkish restaurant. and it was demm delicious! makan sandwhich telor je hari-hari. balas dendam makan steak plak. kekekke.

p/s : i wish godd luck to my ieda and anis as they got admission to universities. chayo! chayo! don’t give up girls and be strong. 😀

eid mubarak to my beloved parents who are currently doing their hajj. my little brother-Hazmi. jangan pulun makan kari rendang banyak sangat. my old big brother-Dayat. tolonglah kirim duit kat aten nk balik cuti.kekekke. little sister-Farah. stay cute darling 😉 Cik Gee and family, Cik Ya and family, Mak Lang and family and Pak Long and family. :DD

i saw people wearing Hogwarts’ costume with wands in their hands and Death Eaters costume watching Harry Potter 😛

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