“Sweet is the night-air!”

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

my first post in 2011 is on th 17th jan. bravo. when the internet connection was crowded with peeps, teens and older generations typing their first post on new year’s eve. i took the road less taken. on the 17th jan. weee.

have so much to write since 27th nov 2010 but my highlight during my winter break is my mini jaulah to Scotland 🙂 during my first attempt to Sheffield, my train was cancelled. when i nearly gave up as i checked the weather forecast the next day, kak iqa-my naqibah called me and ask me to go to the train station again for the sake of checking. with an honest face of a child and confidence of an adult, i took the bus to the train station. i was contemplating whether i should go as i was adviced by a few number of people not to go due to the heavy snow.(sometimes snow isn’t always pretty huh)  turn out there’s a few reason Allah gave me an urge to go. if i didn’t go, i would never met such a nice man in the bus who i had a conversation with. turn out he went to Oxford-studied neurology.

my participation to JUMS 2010 was a big revival for myself. kerinduan suasana tarbiyah yang teramat. i met inspiring beloved sisters from Sheffield, Plymouth, Machester, Czech, Ireland, Poland and Malaysia that i’ve always missed and ustaz-ustaz yang hebat pemikirannya 🙂

“Surely We have shown him the way: he may be thankful or unthankful” [The Noble Quran, Chapter 76, Verse 3]

exceptionality of Islam is based on the ummah’s effort and action. rhethorical accusations and pompous words are useless unless we act upon it.  accomplishment and excellence are not based and measured by how much islamic laws imposed and powers we have. but are assessed by the effort and contributions of the people themselves. Ideologies are made to be argued and not be accepted by one’s mind as a whole. Sadly younger generation today like me have been poisoned by these ideologies eventhough they contradict with our stance. The culprit for this situation? Us. me. and maybe to some extent you. We are lack of knowledge, proficiency and awareness about our history and antecedent. when you thought that you’re all alone here ‘stranded’, just realize that you’re not and you have so much to do peeps. Begin with ourselves, then our family, the society, the country, the government/administration, empire and later ustaziatul alam. if i’m not mistaken. come lets go back to 10 peribadi muslim 🙂 muhasabah muhasabah. Human beings have been given ‘choice’, free will and the greatest amanah (burden, responsibility) ever given and entrusted to the creation of Allah. With this ‘free choice’ we can either be better than angels, or worse than devils.

2011 arrives with a bang in UK as an estimated 250 000 people watched London’s eight-minute firework display launched as Big Ben struck midnight on New Year’s Eve. The Metropolitan Police reported that there were 77 arrests. London Ambulance Service answered 2 639 emergency calls during the celebrations, mainly alcohol related. When we think we are civilized, think again.


taken by kak arifah.

and look what i got myself for new year 8D

please free to be jelous abang gedik :>

one thing that i am gratefully been granted with when studying abroad is the sense of missing my family. tears that i’ve been holding back for months ago just decided to expose themselves a few days ago. and alhamdulillah i just finished my english literature exam. the enumerating negativity are made monotonus and Arnold creates an effect of fatalism and resignation which is parallel to the end on MacNeice’s. great. i forgot to put that in my paper. 2 hours and 46 minutes is just not enough. T.T make prayers for me peeps. moga-moga Allah beri hidayah pada pemeriksa kertas dan tergerak hati memberikan huruf sebelum B.  (: amiin. 

i just got my parcel from ibunda that contains much books, my nikon D90 bag and these two babies. The gingerbreadman was given by amni and he has a new friend now. it was recently given by ibunda dan ayahanda after a night sobbing with them.

gotta dash now. i have full classes tomorrow and gotta get up at 3am to finish up some works. after about a month with no post and now a post at 12.02am. sekarang my last post bukan lagi pada 27th nov. MEKASEH.

to my beloved sister and a friend anis, : “sayang, you should never quit when your goal is noble, especially if it’s for seeking more knowledge and seeking His pleasure. it can seem easy to quit, but the road to success requires strong will and patient perseverence sayang 🙂 i say this to myself as well. we may be seems far away. but my prayers will always be with you. jadikan satu kerinduan itu kekuatan awak ek anis. dont’t give up and i know you never will. use the oppurtunity that you have to improve urself. you know how much i miss you as i put ur kurus macam batang face in my wall so i get sick seeing ur face everyday. teehee. i’m kidding 🙂 smile now yeaa (:

p/s: and currently i dont have credit to reply ur text. or anybody’s text. maaf ye masturah, acu, ecah and mak 🙂 sile refer pada twitter or email kalau nk contact 😛


8 thoughts on ““Sweet is the night-air!”

  1. post ni gedik ah. rasa mcm nak muntah.
    pastu makan muntah tu, for the sake of re-muntah-ing.

    tukar ah layout. this layout is so two thousand ten. <- see? since its so last year, am willing to spell it instead of just '2010'.

  2. one sentence-*checking the dictionary*
    another sentence-*cambridge advanced dict. page…*

    letih nak baca post yg english dia macm kebaboom nih!
    omg. i have soo much to catch up. u and tasyha had left me like a thousand miles with your english. envy giler T_T

    and MEKASEH tu mcm ‘best’ 😛

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