In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

After a few days (particularly about 2 months actually) i’m updating. wee. I’m apologizing especially to muaah(myself) as i’m not keen on updating this little bloggy.

February had been a (nightmare?) let’s just say it was a hectic month (:

Above was just bits and pieces of my February. But Experience Islam Week 2011 and my parents’ visit were the highlights of my February. Btw, i’m eating strawberry with nutella now. okay,random statement. Hisan (theoratically, my housemate) and Aisya, my Kazakh friend attended this Experience Islam Week 2011 by Cambridge University Islamic Society.

On the 13th February, we went to Cambridge Union to listen a talk by Mr. Idris Tawfiq. On the 17th February, we listened to Mr. Tim Winter, at Newnham College. One of the best thing about attending these talks, i got the chance to meet a few Malay students who are currently studying in Cambridge and who is currently reading my blog (perhaps?) hee. I met awesome Kak Hidayah, Kak Zalyah and her friends. Good to see more sisters 🙂 and, and, and we went inside Nwenham College. beautifuuuuul 8D (excuse my exaggerated spelling)

” Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alteration  of night and day, – there are indeed Signs for men of understanding” (Ali Imran: verse 190)

Oh, i also listened to Professor Tariq Ramadan’s talk about Muhammad. One point that I’d love to foreground is the subject of love that he put forward. To understand the real meaning of Islam, you can get it through the history of the Prophet or through the Quran for example. and anything can happen with your own interpretation. Verses from Quran has their own asbabul nuzul. and from what i learnt, the verses are still compatible to today’s society no matter what – after hundred of centuries, it had been descended to the Prophet, it is still being used by thousands of human today. When you read the Quran, it’s like a dialogue. Sometimes you can feel Allah is talking to you. You’re lucky. The knowledge of God is between you and your heart. The other name of Allah is Rabb which is derived from tarbiyah-educator. He’s an Educator. He educates His creations by speaking to them. By speaking to us. Then it depends on us and our little heart whether to listen or be one of the ignorants. the Prophet Muhamad sought truth from the Hira’ cave through the reconciliation process. He asked intellectual questions in his mind and he received spiritual answers.

The highest level of faith is love. You pray, you fast, you do good deeds not because you’re asked to or to save yourself from the hellfire, but for the sake of love. Muhasabah diri kembali. If you want to seek peace inside you, do everything with sincere and love. Not because you’re scared, but love. Enhance you’re feeling of scared to the feeling of love which is a noble feeling that foreground the act of humanity. Sometimes we have to question our faith. not to undermines it but to strengthen and fortifies it so we can spread the words with deep comprehension and understanding. I included the verse above for some reasons. one, because Prof Tariq Ramadan pointed this out (heee). But second because i remembered scrutinizing this particular verse in my usrah (high school?)” Sesungguhnya dalam penciptaan langit dan bumi, dan pergantian malam dan siang terdapat tanda-tanda(kebesaran Allah) bagi orang yang berakal” The men of understanding are those who understand. in order to understand, you have to ask and through curiosity and asking – you discovered a knowledge, an understanding. Allah’s greatness and prominence can only be consummate by those who understand. Again, if you have questions, seek for Him. He will answer you. Maybe not now, maybe tomorrow or maybe He will give you something better 🙂

I went to Birmingham at the beginning of my half-term for my Daurah. The only reason why i put a sad face on the day of my daurah at the pic above (hee.macam jawab soalan exam ‘with reference to the picture above’) was because i missed Peter Sanders’ film screening. I KNOW T___T. but the bright side was i got this :

i love you Hisan ❤ eceh gitu. i literally jumped and electrified by this.

I went to Daurah and i met Kak Iqa, Kak Amr, Kak Ain and all the kakaks. Ironically, i took the wrong train XD i was supposed to take the train to London. Instead, i took the train to Stansted airport. Tak sabar nak balik Malaysiakah? I kept the phlegmatic expression of a foreign 18 years old student and ask the handsome abang train to help me. Then Kak Amr and me stumbled upon Kak Ain. Sekali harung jalan pergi Birmingham naik bas 🙂 We covered Hazad-Deen in our Daurah. Now i want to LEARN philosopy please.

One tragic, horrendous, catastrophic, cataclysmic event happened at Birm was that i dropped my phone in the toilet. =..= my beloved, loyal-eventhough-i-dropped-it-thousands-of-time phone finally ‘decided to ‘eloped’ from its master. *sigh* i hope you’re happy and rest in peace dear Nokia. *In memories* okay done commemorating. i got a new gadget now 🙂 alhamdulillah. senang contact ibunda terchenta.

haaa. amik hang Hisan 🙂 i included ur part ^_^




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  1. wah wah. dah siap berdaurah Haza Ad-deen terus. tahniah2. and i can see theres a LOT of ‘debate’ word in ur schedule? 😉 awesome

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