My Cutie Apple Pie, My Choc Ice-cream and My Brand of Heroine

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

Happy 5th Birthday !

During my half-term, my parents along with this excessively cute figure above came to Cambridge and visit muaah 8D We basically spend time togethaaa and i ate a load of my mum’s cook. (can’t help it!) I don’t want to be melodramatic but when it comes to my parents, there’s no such thing as being melodramatic and histrionic because they are my only parents and i’m grateful that He gave me my parents. I have to be sensitive as i undeniably love them. (i’ll say this to my future soulmate too) heee. Distance makes the heart goes fonder 🙂 i cried when i saw them for the first time after 5 months. When i recall all the things that they touched here, places they’d been to, staggeringly my heart has been strucked by something heavy and burdensome. cold tears running down slowly when people are not looking.

You’ve got a bad case of being over there. The only cure is being over here.- iwrotethisforyou

the taxi that brought us apart on the last day.

you know when people say words are formulated in order to express and elicit emotion. this is the moment when words don’t work that way.


i wish i can crop my fugly face here. but exorbitantly lazy. please focus on your left peeps. merci.


p/s : Farah, i’ll send you something for ur 5th birthday. heee. love kisses. (: oh, not forgotten, my big brothaaa’s birthday. he’s 22. i think. bila mau kawen bang oi. *smugg*

thinking of making a photoblogg. my flickr sgt berhabokkk.


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