Sunbathing When You’re 19

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

sanah helwa si fateng

I’m no longer 18 as i just turn 19 a few hours ago. When you turn 18, it’s kinda a privilege. “omg. i’m turning 18! i’m a senior teenager!” or when you turn 20/21, “ohh cool!i’m an adult noww!” or when you’re 40, “my life begins now :)”. but when you turn 19, nothing much really. the fact that you’re at the end of your teenage years and approaching the adult world. and getting near to sakaratul maut. May every moments ahead full of barakah. please take care of me, oh my Rabb. please educate me. correct me if i’m wrong. give me intelligence and rationality to make good things. life isn’t about making the right or wrong decision as right/wrong is open to interpretation. it’s how you live with you decision and make full of it.

selamat hari jadi fateng. sanah helwa. happy birthday.

p/s: i should ask my kazakh friend how to say happy birthday in russia (: thank you for everyone who are willing to type words, use your keyboards and take less than 1 minute (unless you internet is acting all crappy) to wish me selamat hari-hari (hari jadi)



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