Violating Human Rights?

In the name of Allah Most Gracious MOst Merciful

Just finished my second last paper for this mock exam. One paper to go! iyah iyah. feel like blogging on this nice freaking breezy cold weather.

I listened and read a few comments and reactions towards President Sarkozy’s decision on banning the niqab. Violating human rights, act as a barrier between the women and the society and such are the arguments laid out in banning the niqab. Quite ironic. talked to my ‘housemate’ si Ichan kecil about this matter and how ironic it is when the westerns are fighting to put on the hijab or even the niqab while in some of the Islamic countries, they want to take it off. when i heard the reasons they’re banning the niqab, it’s rather upsetting. as if the women are being forced to wear them when in the reality, they’re not. majority of the women who wear them in France to be specific, are converts/reverts muslims who choose to wear them. and by banning the niqab, well, it can be said, it’s violating the human rights as freedom of choice is constrained. Niqab is being seen as a new form of enslavement according to Mr President but by violating the niqab itself, it’s violating the whole basis of democracy. it is claimed that women are not given a choice, when they’re told that they’re going to be burn in the hellfire if they don’t wear the hijab. but that’s too pejorative is it. every religion has their own rules and obligation and people are educated and are being told about the rewards that they’ll receive if they follow certain obligations. but then again, it’s up to the individuals. La ikra ha fiddin. tiada paksaan dalam Islam 🙂

Please click the play button. inspiring and uplifting music video. Mari berkempen 5 untuk Palestin! kamon peeps! 5 pound or 5 ringgit every month! try and keep spreading awareness of Palestine’s issue. A muslim or non, this human rights issue has to be uphold. let’s  be one of those who grab the flag.

InsyaAllah am going to Cardiff for Palestine Roadshow : Searching for Salahuddin with Kak Amr this Friday/Saturday/Sunday. May Allah make it easier for me on Monday morning ; sitting my last paper (:

let the highest part of the body that contains all of your knowledge and intellect  bow down on the ground in complete submission before the Majesty of God. muhasabah lagi.

my neighbour is playing JB’s song. okay random.hee.

p/s : mau delete flickr dan bukak photoblog laah.

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