15 May 1948

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

The title speaks for itself. (okay. cliché) As mentioned, i’m updating my journey to Cardiff for SOS : Searching for Salahudin. gosh. dah sebulan lebih baru nk update. sorry peeps. lantaklaah. i blog to express not to impress (:

So the journey began. After my last class on Friday the 15th April, i flew (figuratively speaking) to London Kings Cross from Cambridge. Due to the lack of kryptonite power derived from the sci-fi character – Superman, i decided to take the train instead. more practical and doesn’t involved height in the process throughout. i planned to stay overnight in London and from London, me and Kak Amrina will take the earliest train to Cardiff the next day. to simplify the complexity, i slept at Kak Kama’s crib instead as theoretically, the distance is way closer.

okay, i blame myself but partly, i have to blame Kak Kama’s excruciating-comfortable bed for my unpunctuality. =..= to make things worse, i missed the earliest train and Kak Amr punya gelabah taleh contact sebab dalam tube menade line. so she went first and i have to wait another one hour for the next train. AND there goes my money. sabar dan nak menuntut ilmu punya pasal, beli tiket baru. *shining new ticket and innocent face with hopeful eye macam kucing Shrek, i waited for the next train*

Kak Amr chilling while waiting for muah.-from her camera

fast forward a bit, there we were -depan masjid in Cardiff. we missed the first Dr Zain’s session but Alhamdulillah we got there finally. A little insight of what we learnt :

15th Mei 1948. Tarikh yang di mana penubuhan negara Haram Israel telah diisytiharkan secara rasminya. Cadangan penubuhan negara khas untuk orang-orang Yahudi telah dibuat oleh wartawan Hungary, Theodore Hertzl (1860-1904). As mentioned by Dr Zain, this depicts how influential is the media to the public’s way of thinking. He’s the founder of Neo-zionism and his organisation is being recorded in the Die Judem Stat (Negara Yahudi) in 1896. Kewujudan Pertubuhan Yahudi Antarabangsa (WZO) melalui persidangannya yang pertama di Basle, Switzerland pada 27-29hb Ogos 1897 di bawah pimpinannya telah membuka era aktiviti politik Zionis, mengorak langkah kepada pembentukan Negara Yahudi di bumi Palestin. – derived from Dr Zain’s book, Palestin Dijajah 

Last few weeks, when i was digging the exam week (haha), Benjamin Netanyahu did his speech in the Joint Session of Congress and when he after a few minutes, there was a protester screamed at him. So, with my twitter power, i kept my eyes open with recent updates. annnd found it! turned out it was an activist with Jewish Voice for Peace and CODEPINK, Rae Abileah. She held a banner that said “Occupying land is indefensible” and she shouted, “End the occupation; stop Israel war crimes; equal rights for Palestinians.” I remembered when Netanyahu’s (Bibi) repond when he was shouted at. He specifically said that “you can’t have these protests in Tehran” which was where he condemned the political system in most of Islamic country perhaps. ironically, Netanyahu said this after she had been assaulted by members of the audience, dragged out by the police and later arrested while she was in the hospital. it sounded eerily similar to the alleged democracy in Israel where Palestinians-and Israelis -are routinely assaulted, arrested and jailed for speaking out against the Israeli occupation.

She’s a jewish fighting for Palestine. Islam teaches us to love and work for justice and we have to feel responsible to speak out against these violations of international law that are being committed. Speak out doesn’t mean it’s only being constrained verbally but also through our actions and sacred prayers. A few steps that can be taken to change the situation.

1. Meningkatkan kesedaran Islam dalam diri sendiri dan prihatin tentang hal ehwal umat.

2. Muhasabah dan perbaiki diri.

3. Sumbangan kewangan.

4. Sebarkan maklumat tentang isu Palestin dan kenal musuh

5. Tingkatkan berdoa.

A few questions raised in my little head and oblige me to think. So i had a little dicussion with Kak Amrina. In this little world, there are a lot of issues happening worldwide, time to time. why do we specifically focus on the issue of Palestine? are we being biased? The thing is, Islam teaches us about love and fight for justice. Love is a very wide thing but can be employed in almost every aspect. the love that we have for our brothers and sisters abroad is the predominant reason why we have to fight for them. and we share the same lover which is Allah and that is the strongest reason. focusing on the issue of our sisters and brothers in Palestine doesn’t mean we are/have to neglect/ing the other issues worldwide/domestically. the hunger in Africa, victims in Japan, the issue of oil in Malaysia. everything is related to us as a human. it’s just another issue that we have to keep alert with and this issue, as mentioned in the Quran is promised.

Dr Zain enthusiastically giving his talk

Bought his book as i didn’t have the chance to buy it the last time when i attended Malam Air Mata Palestin in Negeri Sembilan-about 2 years ago perhaps? i sent my regards to Zahra’, his daughter 😉 rindu Zahra’! it has been a very long time since we met TT..TT kerinduann.

anyway, me and Kak Amr stayed overnight at kak Haslina’s crib sebab ade mini tazkirah by Dr Zain the next morning. their house is drop dead gorgeous-awesomeee. >.<

tazkirah from Dr Zain ; Antara risalah dan ijazah. Between our studies and our dakwahh. As reminded more than once, kedua-duanya mestilah seiring. Memang dah selalu dengar tapi sebagai manusia biasa yg dibekalkan nafsu dan juga kelemahan diri, sangat fragile untuk melakukan kesalahan dan tergelincir lalai.

tengaharinya, balik London then balik Cambridge. home sweet home.


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