I wish I hadn’t fell so hard for you 2.0

In the name of Allah most Gracious Most Merciful.

i do think i have interchangeable personality. so here goes nothin’

11th-14th June  –  Summer Camp (JUMP ’11) at Dublin, Ireland. 15th-22nd June  – Spending my last moments with Hisan and working my ass off trying to start my personal statement (figuratively speaking). 23rd -24th June  – Unexpected trip to Oxford. 25th June – Cambridge-London Heathrow-Dubai-Malaysia (on my way to hot tropical country).26th June – Here i am, back home. again. 3rd July – Typing

yesterday i did the randomest thing. i picked up The Deathly Hallows and started to read it. i know i’m currently occupying myself with Simon Blackburn’s book. but it’s not everyday that you do random things. now it’s like i’m choosing between chocolates or cupcakes. contemplating between curry or masak lemak cili api. scrutinizing between bed or shower. okay that’s facile – bed is definite.

so perhaps the highlight of my June was the Summer Camp that took place in Dublin. It was awh-*wait for it*-some 🙂 despite the fact that i burnt my plane ticket because of the absentminded-impetuous-reckless-idiotic me, i enjoyed my time with a little bit of critical thinking here and there, physical confrontation and shooting with my sniper-Blaise. and did i mention that Kak Amirah Labibah and peeps were there as well? yes peeps. okay no peeps here =..=  FYI, she was my senior when i was in Hira’ and she’s the coolest ;D the height difference between us is no longer significant, that’s for sure. We covered bits and pieces on Dakwah and Harakah. It was quite stimulating and actually triggered my reasoning. One particular subject that i would love to put forward is the emphasis on how The Prophet, Muhamad spread deen of Allah and the highly effective political yet spritual elements that he employed towards managing a whole country and later became an empire.

excuse for my lackadaisical in writing. but the pictures sum it all

seconds before climbing the hill. in rain.

tarbiyyah surely doesn’t weaken one but strengthen one!

and and and i’m really excited about this one!

this peeps, is the school of Philosophy in Oxford University. TT..TT i wanna cry just thinking ’bout it. Please Allah “show me things as they are”

i wonder if Dr. Tariq and Sheikh Afifi were here

ini di Dubai. can barely see the background. but what the hell. upload it anyway for Hisan 🙂

okay it’s 5.53am. need to dash. to be continued…

p/s : i miss Anis Aisyah whom i didn’t get the chance to see. yet! she made a countdown for muahh 😥 that’s extremely sweet-heartbreaking as well T..T

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