Between You and Me

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

sehari dua ini, di hati ada perasaan cemburu. beberapa minggu lepas, cemburukan si orang tua itu yang dapat merekodkan saat-saat ‘Bersih 2.0’. jiwa meronta-ronta mahu mengasah ilmu-ilmu photojournalism. mahu mengaplikasikan teori-teori yang selama ini hanya dibukukan di dalam otak. lagi lagi mahu menyaksikan sendiri aksi aksi rakyat dan juga kader kader beruniform negara. pabila, melontarkan kata-kata manis nak turut serta, katanya “tak payahlah. kecik lagi. nanti susah kang”. ada kerevelenan(is there any such word?) di situ.

hari ini, si orang tua itu berpeluang pergi masuk hutan dengan memikul amanah menangkap gambar selama 3 hari. ala ala nak jadi NatGeo fotografer katanya. dengan menggunakan otot-otot muka menghasilkan muka secomel mungkin, menunjukkan niat tersirat ingin turut serta, akhirnya direject, “tade perempuanlah nnti. susah kang” katanya. okay fine. ada juga kerelevenan si situ.

kadang-kadang, hati meronta-ronta ingin membuat bermacam-macam perkara/aktiviti. lebih lebih lagi pabila dibesarkan dengan environment yang ‘dipenuhi’ lelaki. geram kerana apa yang ingin dilakukan selama ini, belum tercapai semuanya. *sigh* nampaknya tenaga belum dieksploit sepenuhnya. nak drive sendiri nak pergi usrah pon belum dipercayai sepenuhnya lagi. kena tingkatkan usaha mematangkan diri lagi nampaknya.

isu feminism tak pernah difikirkan secara serius dan kritikal sehinggalah dihantar membuat A level dan mengambil subjek Eng Literature di sana. Lagi-lagi pabila tutorku menegakkan pendirian feminisnya begitu kuat sekali. langsung mengindoktrin ideologi ideologi feminisnya kepada pelajar-pelajarnya ;P that sounded to pejorative huh? she’s passionate and i love her passionasim and enthusiasm okaaay.

In the western world the issue of feminism is strongly correlated within the society. even trivial dialogues or everyday conversation can be seen as oppressing women and women are given the double standard. so i’ve been thinking is there any such thing of feminism in Islam itself? without any serious arguments and stands, i kept the question unanswered. until one day, my tutor leisurely gave me an extract of a newspaper entitled “the most contemporary islamic feminist she is” (something like that-lah). ironically, when she personally handed the article to me, she said, “it’s not like i want to indoctrinate you or something” *wink*wink*. it’s about a British women who is fighting against women oppression especially in Islam. so that gave me a starting point throughout my journey of finding answers. (wah wah. macam Dora the Explorer) okay random. scratch that.

So the day after me and Hisan watched the Royal Wedding online (nak cakap jugak), me and Hisan got the chance of hearing a talk from Dr. Mohamed Akram Nadwi from Oxford in Cambridge Uni. It is universally acknowledged that everywhere in the world, women are seen less respected in the Islamic society. However, if we actually look into the history, women have been active in the world of knowledge. about 8500 women are active in the hadith-either writing books, or teaching. Yet why there has been a major misunderstanding in the society? There are certain views. First, women’s roles are confined specifically in the house. the highly famous phrase where “women complement the men” is actually absurd. because according to the Greek philosophers, women’s roles are confined because of the different characteristics they have. Since the men cannot give birth, that motion takes place but it does not employ in the world of education or anything else where women and men don’t differ. According to Greek philosophers, women are inferior within the mind and thinking. you don’t really find any women greek philosophers ite? Well secondly, the present misconception in the society is also because people are focusing on the differences rather than the similarities. In the Quran, Allah addresses human to encourage doing good deeds and prevent doing bad things-not specifically employ men or women. the differences are to help and not to confined and define. the differences are help in the family but the differences are to be covered outside the house matters.

so there had been a question that popped into my head, so are women qualified to be a khalifah? well, the problem is not because women are not qualified but men are the ones who are not qualified to be led by women. and there is no problem of women teaching men or doing things that men do. but the problem is the current society and situation. in the old days, women and men are pious and have a thorough understanding in religion. but now that’s not the case as we are indoctrinated by secularism and liberalism. we have to bring back the piety and sometimes the piety should come. the method to bring back the piety? well, the best answers that i can come with currently is through tarbiyyah. well actually that’s the best modus operandi actually, according to a lot of scholars. and i’ll post another entry about tarbiyyah, perhaps.

p/s : so when i couldn’t go along with si orang tua to the forest snapping pictures and tambah ilmu sana sini, i thought, perhaps there is much more strength within my hijab. (syoknyeeeee. masok hutannn. pacat pacat ku rindui. ok not)

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