The Tiger, the living symbol of strength and power, generally inspires fear and respect.

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

and hello. i slept at 8pm and just woke up an hour ago and this(le post) is happening because i can’t sleep and i have work to do. bravo. *sarcastic tone*. anyhow, i left the world of blog for quite a while (which is quite rare*rolling eyes*). didnt even read regular bloggers thats on my list. and i just found out that my brother actually got accepted to do his Masters in uk (which he later rejected). and just found out that he’s engaged! (ok. thats a lame joke). *hacchuum!* sorry for that. i think i’m catching a cold. ok random. i mean, i didn’t go out from the house naked and rolling on snow or anything.  didnt dance randomly under the rain or drink cold water when it’s freezing.wait always do that. prolly it’s just a love sick. *smuggg* kbai.

ranting randomly in the middle of the night (if you still assume 3.32am is night ._.) isn’t the top of the what-to-do-when-you’re-awake-at-three-in-the-morning list tho. blerghoifwfuirefnisif. ok i’m gonna do a book review! really? yes, really. “we have only one life and the only way to discover another life is through reading”. a quote that i read in twitter from a scholar (which i clearly forgot who was it).

i finished reading this book about a month ago. i think. it was quite a long story. Hisan lent it to me during the summer coz i intended to read it. so, during my flight back home last summer, i handcarried it and i left it at the airport’s loo, when i realized that i left it, it was gone. so i actually lost my friend’s book. but, gotta the chance to buy a new one and bla bla bla i finally decided to write a review about it. reviewlah sangat. 

this is not a book on ‘how-to-raise-your-kids’ as most people sees it. but it’s a memoir instead. yes, she loosely labelled Chinese moms and western parents not based on ethnicity but by characters. i do admit that her methods of socialising her children are quite harsh and some people say, inhuman. but that’s a liberal side of me talking. my other half, completely admired her scheme of work. She actually put great effort and trust and i think this is what we need in our education system. i come from the disney generation where you’re being indoctrined to be carefree, do what you love as long as you’re happy. well, happiness is a subjective matter. we misinterpret what we mean by ‘happiness’. i think this is why we lost our great legacy. don’t get me wrong. i do believe in spending time on what you believe and what you love. but my love includes my love to Him and i can/should never betray that. Freedom and love is crucially important. but both comes from discipline and i think that is what i, we lack of.

do read this book and do feel inferior. but after inferiority comes responsibility. i admit, after reading this book, i was prompted and inspired to list the things that i’ll do to my future kids. true story. even bought a book as a present for the birth of my first child.(so biased heh?) i’ll expose them to Rumi which i didn’t have the chance to when i was a kid. at the same time, i gotta a lot to learn mate! 😡  <——determined faced….which epically fails.

i suggested to Rose and she loved it 🙂 spread the love. ok gotta go. qiam taim and gotta finish ze works. and wait for my next review.

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