Prefrontal Cortex

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

It’s 9.32am here and I’ll be off to college in about 15min. I have math  test tomorrow, a draft of my coursework to be submitted, and an econs essay to be done.  May today be a productive day *amin* You see, i realize i have health problem these days or whenever I feel being productive. I have severe migraine, stomach ache/feeling gassy (any such term?) / and low blood pressure (i think it strikes back). So, it somehow affect my pace of productivity. My hands start to tremble and etc. So, I really need helps. If someone reads this knows bits and pieces about how to overcome this, do poke me.

okay. off to college cycling. I’ll talk about Prefrontal Cortex (the title above) next time because I found and interesting fact about it. so for now, random picture on glowing cats :8D


p/s: someone who are really good in maths, any advice to avoid such stupid mistakes? or just advice on how to be good in maths :3

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