Prefrontal Cortex

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merficul

So i suffer from a chronic ‘disease’ or perhaps at some point I am addicted to this particular disease : procrastination. Instead of going with the flow and trying to overcome this problem by making promises everyday not to procrastinate, i decided to do a little bit of research >D so here goes.

I am not a neuroscientist nor i study psychology but then i thought the scientific process of procrastination is worth knowing.

above is the part of our brain that we call the prefrontal cortex(kudos to google image *smug*). This is the crucial part of our brain that keeps life going.  The higher level part of the brain that tells us that we should be working for the incoming exam next week and the part that constantly reminding us about our coursework to be submitted tomorrow or next month.

and this, my fellow peeps is the other part of the brain called the limbic system. The one that tells us that you can spend a few minutes watching another season of Gossip Girl before you start working. So why is it that the limbic system always win the argument? the reasons lie on this cute little thingy in our brain : the amygdala

This part controls fear and anxiety. So when we (or shall i say I) procrastinate, we experience a mild anxiety response to a threatening stimulus. For perfectionists out there (like myself), tend to be afraid on how to start an overwhelming work. and if i/we start now, we have the tendency to think “what if i do it wrong? or not good enough?” so we procrastinate thinking that better ideas will come later. that’s why the limbic system took charge leaving prefrontal cortex behind sobbing in despair.

To overcome this, there’s a thing called metacognition; thinking about thinking. To apply this, we have to have a few plans. 1.Plan goals  2.Plan time  3.Plan resources  4.Plan the processes (visualising)  5.Plan for the distractions-make commitment  6.Plan for failure. I’d love to give emphasis on the last part. Sometimes we will face roadblocks when we study or when we’re solving a solution and this is when we indulge ourselves with 5min breaks. eventhough it’s a bit cliched, but sometimes the phrase “don’t give up” is really relevant. especially at this moment.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” – Napoleon Hill


p/s : just keep Nike’s motto in our head. Just Do It.


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