White Lips, Pale Face

Last time we went swimming 
the sea stood up and hugged you
as though you were responsible 
for keeping it blue 

Bianca Stewart

i received a parcel

tried capturing a few shots to reveal what’s inside :3

 There are at least 3 drafts of posts that i haven’t published yet. Didn’t got the chance to finish ’em. yet. but i decided to post something that I’m excited about.(not that i say the others are less motivating)  or can i say, something easy to post. hee. So these are the few shots i tried to capture what i got (hew hew. eksaitednye) I got excited because i got ze flowers *smug*smug* I am not good at shooting plants/flora/fauna. I remembered the last time i took pictures of plants was with Kak Amrina at Floria (can’t even bothered to remember what year was it ._.) but it was fun shooting with Kak Amr. i almost lost my phone. (excited sangat tangkap gambar). anyhow, when i received this a few days ago (precisely 2 weeks ago) i grabbed Blaise immediately. the weather was unpredictable (as always) so I have to wait for a few minutes praying that there’ll be sunshine. i literally wait at the window just so you know. And i was trying to achieve the typical spring-ish/summer-ish effect with with curtains(with the langsir yg jarang jarang pe kebenda ntah name materialnye) but i’m out of budget. so i used white plastic (the trash plastic) instead. the outcome was quite surprising tho.

ok enough with the technical process. what  i want to say is thank you to my love one who gave me this. you made my day because i was stressing out with mock exams and after i walked out from the exam hall, i received a call informing that i have a box of flowers waiting for me.

sometimes it’s hard to be physically alone. you can fall easily. get absorbed, influenced easily. but that’s because i tend to forget things. My theory is; my life (or your life) revolves on the purpose of life itself. If I’m sitting for PQS/Aqidah exam in my previous high schools, i will most likely to state that my purpose of life is to submit to Him. I’m not saying that it’s wrong but sometimes we misunderstood the whole concept. I started questioning my identity when i was asked “Siapakah Engkau?” by one of my murabbi. Typical thoughts/ideas would be : “I’m a servant”, “I’m a sister”,”a brother”, “a student”, “A daie'” etc. But I like to simplify things. Persoalan “Siapakah Aku” itu perlu untuk kita menentukan ritma dan irama hidup. We tend to go off track because we forgot what our  song is. As I’m not living in the bi’ah that I expected, I tend to go off track.

Tetapi, keseorangan itu juga merupakan satu bentuk tarbiah. Bagaimana kekasih Allah dapat menanggung apa yang dilaluinya?

i found an answer as i opened a book that was written by one of my favourite author :

“Cintalah itu sebabnya. Ia mencintai semua manusia. Ia mau melakukan apa pun untuk menghadirkan damai, selamat dan bahagia bagi manusia. Cintalah yang membuatnya mampu menampung segala keluh dalam hatinya. Di hatinya yang lapang kau boleh menumpahkan semua keluh dan harapmu. Makin lama kau di sisinya, makin dalam cintamu padanya. Waktulah yang membuka tabir keagungannya satu-satu padamu. Mungkin bukan itu benar yang membuatnya jadi teramat agung. Ada yang lebih agung dari sekedar itu. Dia bukan hanya hebat. Bukan hanya pahlawan. Dia juga melahirkan banyak pahlawan. Dia tidak hanya menjadi sesuatu. Dia juga menjadikan orang lain di sekitarnya sesuatu. Orang lain hanya jadi pahlawan. Orang-orang di sekelilingnya hanya mencatat kepahlawanannya. Mereka tidak jadi apa-apa.”

Find your reason/ground/motive once you went off track. my ground is my Love.



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