“How you know?”

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

So I’m off track a bit. Finally, got the opportunity to go to Kinokuniya last Tuesday and bought books. Huzzah! Bought 5 of them. 5 ticks on the list! and 182649280 to go. =..=

I finished one of the books – “Yasmin How You Know?” – it is a compilation of Yasmin’s apparent ridiculousness but which are actually gems of her wisdom and wit. Contributed by those close to her, you may notice some are written in present tense – because to them, she’s still very much alive – just not in a physical sense. (taken from the brief review on the back of the book)

One prominent thing about the book when you first bought it  is the design and presentation. It’s like a two piece – the cover and the book itself (uncovered). I was confused myself on how to open the book in the first place. I nearly damaged it! But luckily I found a way (without googling it).

Her works of art were controversial yet thought-provoking. I fell in love with her art of seeing when I found out that Petronas’ commercials were her works. She touched the pragmatic part of people’s lives. Malaysian lives. Then her first movie that I watched was Sepet. and I was hooked. Then comes Gubra, Talentime and Muallaf. I have to say that Muallaf and Sepet are my favourite. Yes, probably there are some parts/scenes of the movie that raised my eyebrows and perhaps I wouldn’t agree much with but I like the fact that she made viewers not only feel but think as well. In one of her interview, the interviewee asked her “how this idea came about and started ?” (referring on Muallaf). She simply answered, “it was never began with an idea, but with a feeling instead…”  I saw her movie Muallaf last 2 years, (I think) and I liked it eventhough I didn’t really get some parts of it. Then, I watched it again this year, and now I think it all makes sense. Her movies are the kinds of – the interpretation depends on your own life. Not anyone’s life, but your life. And I’m sure if I’ll watch it again next week, I’ll have a different perspective towards the movie, again.

When you read this book, fondly a compilation of memories of Yasmin, you somehow get the insight of her thoughts and feelings. Her life somehow is showered with positivism, God and love. That what drives her passion.

“i’m just a medium to sampaikan pesan Allah to humankind.” – Yasmin Ahmad.

That is a slap in the face. For me, at least.

She’s inspired by observing(ed) of people. Because to her, advertising and branding are affliated to human. Now I understand how she could create a mutual emotion regardless of different race or religion. She simply observe.


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