today tomorrow or perhaps tonight

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

This will be a very random post without any specific topic chosen to be focussed on.

1. It’s a training, a month of reflection, a holy month. Ramadhan. There is celebration of mercy in every minute. There is sweetness of iman in every seconds (amin). Yet, we still practice the attitude of victimhood. The sense of victimhood will eventually bring us to the sense of isolation.

2. Understanding. Not merely presenting our thoughts and ideas to those who don’t understand but to engage. And the engagement does not only requires the heart but also the mind. Learning other’s culture does not downgrade your own culture and faith.

3. Freedom and justice. The very basic principles of humanity and faith itself. But both requires ethics and responsibility.Freedom requires responsibility. Because freedom without responsibility and  knowledge, will be the exact form of unhappiness and oppression. Justice requires ethics – between what is right and wrong. The interdependent of decision making shapes one’s ethics. There might be a contradiction yet there is a way.

4. The  power of sports. A person who trained for years can do what politicians or preachers can’t do – be in the heart of every young man/woman.

apologize for the lack of organisation and the staccato flow of words.





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