In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

There’s a time when she needs to sit down facing the scorching sun that burns the skin wearing a 90s sunglass and just eat a bowl of  trifle with white whipped cream that will invite the sense of guilt later on. And that time is everyday in Malaysia. (ok probably not everyday)

As requested by a good friend of mine, Natasyha Alliya, I’ll be posting a brief recipe (which i did a bit of improvisation) of My Summer Fruit Trifle. If you refer to Mr Google/Miss Google (because i’m a freaking feminist, i shall not put aside my female clan), he’ll/she’ll show you different kinds of trifle with gazillion layers. But mine only comprises 3 simple layers.

Strawbery Swiss Roll Cake. (you are permitted to bake your own cake but I’m being the lazy ass here and a bit of a cost-benefit analyst, I decided to buy from the kedai runcit across the street)
3 Spoonful of Custard powder
3 teaspoon of sugar
1 Tin of Evaporated Milk
1/2 Cup of Water
1 Packet of Jelly/Gelatine (in my case, I used Halagel gelatine powder-that’s the only thing I found hidden in my kitchen)
1 Tin of Tropical Fruit Cocktail
1 Pack of Fresh Strawberry
500ml of water
2/3 Drops of Colouring Paste Read (Pewarna)
Whipped Cream

The above ingredients are open for any improvisation in your part.

Crucial Steps To Be Taken If You Want Your Effort Of Googling This To Be Fruitful:

1. THE FIRST WALK-IN-THE-PARK LAYER; THE CAKE : Cut your Swiss Roll Cake and nicely arrange them in a glass container (preferably a see-through container). Then put your glass container in the fridge for cooling. (Because I have this ridiculous theory/faith that the cake will blend nicely with the rest of the layers if it’s cooled when eating at the end.) And for the purpose of simplification, I’ll name the container Ronald. (No offence to Ronalds out there but I think the name goes well with my version of fruit trifle)

2.THE SECOND SWEATING LAYER; THE CUSTARD : While your cake is fridge-bathing in the fridge(?), you’ll deal with your custard. Take a tin of evaporated milk and sugar and cook it-as in put in a periuk and panaskan die lah. At the same time you cook your evaporated milk, take 3 spoonful of custard, put in a cup and mix it with water – not to concentrated, not to dilute. (This is to avoid your custard layer to be all mixed with absurd concrete balls of custard-ya get me?) Then pour your custard-mixed-with-water into your hot evaporated milk and keep stirring. My aunt, mum, brother, neighbour, the neighbour of my neighbour said this is the crucial part – of keep stirring. Stir until you realize your custard starts to thicken. When you feel/think that it’s edible enough and physically yellowish-baige fluid, cool it off for a few seconds, take Ronald from the fridge and pour it slowly into Ronald.

3. THE THIRD HAPPY LAYER; THE FRUITFUL JELLY : First, open your can of fruit cocktail and filter the juice and put it in a cup. We’ll use the tropical fruits later on. Take your jelly powder/gelatine and put it into a hot bowl/periuk of water and pour in the filtered juice as well. I put 50ml of water randomly because I can hardly remember the exact amount due to a bit of improvisation along the way. It’s entirely up to you really . Approximately, I used 2 bottles of water as I have to add the filtered juice as well. Then just stir for a few minutes and add 2 or 3 drops of colouring paste red. You can use any colour if you want though. Then stir until you think your future-jelly has the potential to harden. Cool it off and pour it slowly into Ronald. Then prepare you fruits; 1 pack of cut strawberries and tropical fruit from the previous tin. You can recruit your little sister/brother, cousins, niece, nephew to do this part – arranging the fruits into Ronald. Because it’s fun and the idolisation remarks given by the little ones will make you feel like you’re one of the geniuses.  Then put Ronald into the fridge again until you’re confident the jelly is harden and Ronald is ready to eat. Some people put the last layer-the whipped cream on top covering Ronald but I’d recommend adding whipped cream when you feel like eating the trifle with it. Some people just don’t prefer whipped cream.

So here’s what it will look like:

this is a photo from my instagram. This is my second attempt.

This is my first attempt. The pics quality is a bit crappy. Didn’t even bother to take my Blaise

Don’t forget the whipped cream! 🙂


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