In the name of Allah most Gracious Most Merciful.

“Yang memberhentikan momentum dakwah kita adalah dosa-dosa”

Bagaimana urusan akan sistematik, diri mahu disiplin, doa mahu didengari andai dosa-dosa nakal masih degil melekat di hati?

Lately I feel as if the world around me moves so fast. My 7 hours of sleep feels like a 30 min nap. A week feels like a day.  You just prayed Zuhr and all of the sudden you realize it’s time for Asr. And that’s the sign of you moving to slow. That’s the sign of a sinful being. And you started to cry for no reason, wandering around with no destination.  Started writing and pause for a millionth time to finish a sentence. You just forget and that’s one of the natural state of a human being. You forget.

Tetapi “cinta al-habib bukanlah sekadar setitis dua air mata, tapi usaha dan amal” – Amr Khaled

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