Because to restore its meaning

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

“Do we return to the self in order to transcend the ego, or are trying to draw closer to the One and lucidly face up to the loneliness of our consciousness and our indeterminate destiny? The answer is never, ever strictly rational: as we travel the road that leads to the origin, follow the meanders of cyclical and/or linear time, and come back to the self, we discover both horizon of tensions and a hope for harmony and peace; the road we travel, therefore, always involves emotions, affection and well-being. Spiritualities, religions and philosophies, whatever they may be, cannot escape either the questions of reason or those of the heart. Those questions exist, and they owe as much to consciousness as they do to love.”

I rhetorically asks myself in and every time I turn up into the lectures “what’s the point of studying the question of origins?!” and kept convincing myself that they are pointless and complex. And indeed they are. As Tariq Ramadan pointed out, “..(they are) sometimes quite pointlessly technical and nebulous”. Nevertheless, he also pointed out that they are essential.

“Source points us toward the ‘meaning’. if we know where we come from, we know our way. The human consciousness has a very special relationship with the question of origins, of beginnnings, or the beginning: that is the secret or truth we have to succeed in apprehending in spiritual and intellectual terms.”

I’ve been occupying myself with the complexity of the origin’s argument and the explanation of which the counter-argument for the external world and etc. And I realized it’s hard for me to understand the concept the ‘external world’ as I can never  distance myself with my acquired muslim identity (and perhaps knowledge) and the things that I’ve been thought. I came to a realization that I tend to put a frown on my face whenever this topic is being discussed. But, after reading Tariq Ramadan’s, it came to me  that it is part of a journey:

“In the order of spirituality, the Andalusia we come from needs the path that leads to it and thus reveals its meaning and essence. It exists thanks to the discernment of the consciousness that gives and restores its meaning” – In reference with Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist.

enough said here. It’s already Subuh and I don’t want to miss it by accidently sleep later.

Yes, it has been very busy these few weeks (with MNight etc) that I tried cheating time and I failed gloriously. 3 essays and 2 presentations. It’s time to get back on track as I’ve astrayed (i think).

p/s: i’ll try to update regularly. not for the sake of updating, or for you or for anything. but for the sake of pembangunan dan perkembangan diri bro! (or sis)


this is what people call #throwback (baling belakang?) nowadays. Cardiff 2013. Memang pergi Cardiff every year. Sebab pweetty.

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