The Search for a Leader

Stumbled upon an interview which was being done by Islamica Magazine with Huntington with regards to his Clash of Civilization thesis and his views upon international politics. As I was going through his interview in searching to understand what he really argues in his thesis, one of his statement caught my attention:

“There are lots of conflicts going on in the Middle East. It is unclear as to which country will emerge, if any, as the dominant or hegemonic power in the Middle East.

In South America we have Brazil; in Africa we have South Africa; in Central Africa we have Nigeria; in East Asia we have China and Japan; South Asia, India. Now what is the comparable power in the Middle East? Israel has military capabilities including nuclear weapons, far surpassing any other power in the Middle East, but it’s a small country. The rest of the Middle Eastern peoples are Muslim and Israelis are not, so it is hardly in any position to become the leading power. I mentioned Iran as a possibility. Iran of course is Shiite, while the bulk of the Arabs are Sunni, that is a problem or could be a problem.

Also, there is the simple fact that Iran is non-Arab and most of the Muslims in the Middle East are Arab. Then there is the question of Turkey, which is an important state, but again it’s not Arab and it has very concrete interests in the oil and gas in northern Iraq and in securing borders against secessionis movements. What are the prospects for an Arab state serving a leading role comparable to the role that other states place in other regions? There is no obvious candidate. Saudi Arabia has the money but a relatively small population. Iraq was a great potential leader, as a sizeable country with great oil resouces and highly educated population, but it went off in the wrong direction. Maybe Iraq will come back and become the dominant power among Arab countries. That seems to me as conceivable.”

From what I’ve read, it is clear that outside party sees divided Muslim nations. This interview took place circa early 2000, if I’m not mistaken. Huntington who explicitly ascertained that the sources of conflicts which will took place in global politics will be cultural-based,  fast-forward his thesis, it will be religious or faith-based. Clash of civilization = clash between haq and batil. I want to put aside the debates for now but I would like to put forward the social reality that we are facing.

Internal Battle
Since  the collapse of the Ottoman empire, Muslim nations are struggling to find leadership. Kata Umar Abd Aziz ketika beliau melihat mula kendurya jiwa jiwa muslim yang ingin berjihad dan menegakkan syiar Islam di muka bumi:

“Sesungguhnya aku sedang merawat satu urusan yang tiada siapa dapat menolongnya kecuali Allah. Sesungguhnya di atasnya telah mati orang tua, orang yang kecil telah membesar, orang Ajam telah mahir berbahasa Arab dan Arab badwi telah berhijrah sehingga mereka memandang sesuatu yang bukan agama sebagai agama. Mereka tidak melihat kebenaran selain daripada itu.”

New generations are facing internal conflicts where they have lost their identity and at the brink of losing our sovereignty.

External Battle
It’s getting clearer now that external pressure are being employed to prevent any leadership from dominant Islamic nation emerging. Morsi being brought down, and all other things.

Just some random thoughts for the night. Wallahu a’lam.


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