Different Components and Different Interests

How do we manage different components with different interests? It might fairly be easy to think of one person living this life on his own, minding his or her own business. But world doesn’t work that way. So are human beings. Different people and compenents are endowed with their own self-interests and managing that is not an easy task. Policymakers’ preferences are hard to charaterized. Do politicians do what they do beacuse they want to get re-elected? Because they want to transfer resources to favoured groups? Because they have partisan preferences? or simply because they are interested in maximing welfare? The “supply side” of policy in the end wil be determined by the interaction with the “demand side” for policy and the institutional setting in which certain policy takes place.

Life is not about how hard you got hit, but it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Life is about decision of who you want to be. And make a choice.

IMG_8017Final year rants. Sekian.

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