It’s the same concept.

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

Last September I’ve enrolled to a Postgraduate programme at the same university that I did my degree for 3 years. Yes, another year abroad in the UK. It’s a collective decision yet a very hard decision for me to make. But hopefully insyaAllah for the greater good.

It has almost been 2 months since I started my Master programme but little do I have the chance to reflect upon what I’ve been through. So I’ve decided to do something very important, personally and socially. in Warwick, they have something that they call study blog, which is basically a blog that students posts their thoughts or experience of studying at Warwick. Thought it would be helpful, to see how I evolve and progress as I go through my postgraduate programme, I’ve decided to blog specifically about my postgraduate experience in Warwick. Finished my degree for three years, and just now that I thought of blogging about my studies. Yey.

To cut the story short so far, postgraduate is definitely tough and more challenging than degree life. What I learn the most so far is personal responsibility and independence on your passion. I was honestly quite hesistant on doing postgraduate study at first as I though it was daunting. But, to think for the greater good of the ummah insyaAllah, I decided to give it a go.


Hence, my first point is PASSION.

This does not apply to postgraduate study, or any other academic experience. Instead, this is applicable to all aspects of your life. If you are passionate about someone, or an author, you would love to know everything about the author as if he or she is your best friend or the neighbour that you say hi everyday. Find something that drives you crazy, sesuatu yang membuatkan jiwa gelora, hati yang kering menjadi basah, iman yang lesu menjadi sedar. Personally for me, my passion is for the ummah, untuk redhaNya. And along the way you might lost it, or went astray because of the difficulties or obstacles that you face, but keep on tajdid-ing your niat. Itu kepentingan tajdid, memperbaharui. So set yourself your ultimate passion before you set a ‘follow-up passion’.


My second point is RESPONSIBILITY.

As you go one with your life, chose the path of tarbiah, you will face multi-responsibility. Map your responsibilities and focus upon it one by one. Set priorities (which I personally am struggling) and deal with it one by one. Responsibility demands energy and dedication. Never trade-off one for the other because if you do, you can never manage and execute your responsibility well. You will feel exhausted at the end of the week, but the level of satisfaction can never be beaten.


Third point is INDEPENDENCE.

My postgraduate period is absolutely different with my undergraduate years where you were set specific homeworks and problem sets. For postgraduate, especially if you are on the path of social science stream, you will face a whole loads of reading lists. You will have to learn to master the art of reading. Interestingly, I read an article by Dr Hatem Bazian and quoting him,


“My main contention is that reading has become a lost art among the overwhelming majority of Muslims, and companionship with books in all their varieties is a dying enterprise.

The door to knowledge are writings – from books, articles etc. but the key to the door of knowledge is to read. To make my postgraduate journey worthwhile, I will start to list and write review on the books that I am currently reading and have read for the purpose of my study of otherwise.

First, you need passion. But passion requires responsibility and independence. This is the art of passion.


p/s: This week I’ve finally submitted my project plan for data analysis where I will be working on the role of religion in affecting development growth, which is inspired by an article that I read last Ramadhan during the summer. And I just started reading The Problem with Banks, to understand the narrative on banking sector.

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