Life explained.



Yesterday was my presentation on data analysis. Despite the on-point timing of my presentation, I felt bad for myself as my progress was not very good. I haven’t foun any significant result on my analysis hence, my project could go down the drain. And I cried, watch some crappy videos and I slept at 5am.

I’ve been watching some very good videos and it hit me. I love telling stories, documentaries and writing. That was my passion. And i think teh reason why I study international political economy is solely due to the reason that I want to understand the world as it is and make it a better place. But, I feel like people don’t benefit from what I’m doing. So, I’ve decided something quite radical.

I’m going to resume my passion of story-telling. So basically, I’m going to re-ignite my relationship with my camera. My Blaise, and perhaps a new member of the family.

So today will be my planning day. I will plan my life, my KPI and my milestone.

Ok lunch time. till then insyaAllah.


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