In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

I read an excellent article. Answers to my questions and confusion. It’s from a blogger and also a writer who blogs here

I’m just going to quote what she wrote.

“Ini analogi gue ya, Fu. Orang yang ‘nyoba’ berbagai bidang itu memperluas tangga mereka ke samping, makin lama makin lebar, tapi sama sekali nggak membantu mereka untuk naik tingkat dan mendekat ke tujuan sebenarnya.”

“great men (or women) who were really excel and made history were the ones who have their thoughts focused and set on what their passion is.

You can participate gazillions of societies, but you will make very little contribution and changes towards what you are working on. And this brought me to a conversion that I had with Kak Sarah. She shared what she listened to in IKIM fm. An islamic scholar was asked, “we have so much trouble in this world. how do we overcome all this problems? asa if we have too much to do”. “We have a lot to fight. But choose your fight and fight properly.”

“We have a lot to fight. But choose your fight and fight properly.”

I have too many thoughts running through my mind. How i have myriad of passions to pursue. but yes, indeed it is important to be focus and what you can do well and potentially develop. and concentrate on just that to make a difference.

and i hope to be a researcher, writer and film-maker.

bi iznillah.


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