Third Year Degree

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

I am an avid believer of telling stories to appreciate the present moments and blogging just help me do that. Unfortunately, with the existence and the rising popularity of instagram, I tend to abandon that. I tend to post one picture, then put a short caption and write something hipster-ish. I think because I know who are seeing my pictures and the thoughts of them, would deter the free-flow of my own thoughts. Yes, I am that person. It’s currently 1:08am and I just saw videos and blogs of one (or two shall i say?) of my favourite bloggers of all time. I’ve been watching their videos since my A-Level years (which was approximately 5, 6 years ago?) and to see them grow up until now, where they have their own creative production, is just inspiring. I wish I am that kind of humans.

So, here I am, writing (after years and years of not writing) a blog post, while uploading all the pictures from my phone to my macbook. At 1:08am, I decided to embrace the past moments that I’ve taken for granted. I still have my Blaise, (and did I mention that I have a new addition to the family – which I will blog on a later post, insyaAllah mohon doa moga istiqomah!) but given the fast-pacing world that we live in which requires me to be mobile and always travel-friendly, I now capture moments around me with my HTC Mini phone camera. It’s not as good as iPhone, I have to admit but, come one, qana’ah lah sikit. Yang penting, the story behinds it. The camera quality is just the icing on the cake.

So, after going through the photos in my phone available, here are the summary of some moments that I cherish (and not so cherish) during my final year of degree at Warwick and what it made me a person that I am today.

Tak tahu malu

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

img-20150607-wa0014 img-20141027-wa0004 img_20141028_060311 imag1246 imag1281 imag1244 imag1229 imag0873(1) imag0872(1) imag0864(1) imag0854(1) imag0878 imag0850(1) imag0846 imag0845(1)

During my finaly year, I decided to go out of my comfort zone, and I met these lovely people, aka first year juniors. The first time I came to the UK, I thought “I am never going to be those kinds of people who stick together among Malaysians, as I have a lot to discover, many people to be friends with” and I think sticking around with only Malaysians would narraw my perspective on how I see the world. To an extent, it is true but you can never run away from own self. One fine day, you will have to go back, and be significant to your own self. Above are the compilations of the moments with juniors in Warwick. We went to Leamington Spa to have our picnic usrah for the first time. I went with the Cardiffians on their jaulah and bringing mayo bottle is just our take of ‘travelling light’. I went to my Alma Mater in Cambridge, my first home in the UK with them. Helped Syanaz to move house, sent Sima off to Egypt. And for my 23rd birthday, Nabilah baked me a cake ❤



Wake up early to watch how are the morning people of Istanbul 🙂

imag0469(1)Pipah is trying to counter her fear with cats.


Pipah suddenly shouted as we walked past a building, “faten tengok ni! cepat apply!”

Processed with VSCOcam


img-20141217-wa0008It says “i’m tired but still want a picture”



A better group picture


K lepas ni kebab turki.


15 lovely humans altogether


Unfortunately im not the bread crumps.


We shamelessly asked ustaz to take our group picture!


me, in the zone.


“k semua, dinding ini sangat bersejarah.” Was explaining briefly on ISK actually, using imaginary figures.



behind the scene


abang turki mencelah kat belakang.

There are two particular ‘big events’ of travelling throughout my time in the UK. Given the limited financial capacity, I know that I could not afford to travel as much as other people or students, and I personally feel guilty if I go around having fun time travelling but my family back home are struggling just to fund me here. So, these two ‘big events’ are notable ones because one, I asked for consent before I travel and the main souvenirs that I brought home are new perspectives and photos. After Maroc, Turkey was my second big thing. I fell in love with Maroc due to the unique civilization of knowledge but I fell in love with Turkey on the grounds of history and civilization.


a must-taken-photo of the sunset at Warwick Uni.


En route to JUMS, with the mercy of Yaya’s car.


Solat break kejap.


hey you.imag0511(1)


road trip!imag0536(1)


Hantar Sima balik Coventry naik train station.imag0550(1)

Selfie satuimag0553(1)

Snow 2014


Spot the footsteps and the baju kurung




Macam ABC jugak, tambah sirap dan sebagainya, boleh makan jugak ni.


Of falling snow, hot chocolate and warm souls!

JUMS 2014 was a slap in the face. It was the sweetest yet the most bitter. Ala kuli hal, both were good for me insyaAllah.

Felt like a new discovery


This was my first official pembentangan of daurah. It was unexpectedly nerve-wrecking, but there will always be a first time for new things that we venture into. I used to think when one involved herself with tarbiah, all of her other talents were denied and she will become this vulnerable, inaudible, sami’na wa ata’na akhawat. My years in the UK has thus far shaped me at the same time break me and I am trying as hard as possible to pick myself up. I realize when I talk about something and was too into it, I tend to talk fast and passionately.  Like I was back in debating years. Good to know to ease down the pace.

Part-time jobs


Kak Cha went back to Malaysia and these are the little men that we have to deal with while Kak Cha was away. Harraz participated in a theatre performance. Proud mothers we were!

img-20141204-wa0017 img-20141204-wa0024During my second and third years of degree, I did a part-time job as a steward. I had to hustle and juggle everything on my plate. The hardest thing was to squeeze in my prayers in between performance and theatre. Mengajar izzah dan multi-task bukan mudah, and this particular decision made me realize the importance of muhasabah dan istiqomah. I taught mengaji when Kak Cha was our neighbor and me in black is the picture of me in uniform.

A mix of kinesthetic, visual, audio and creative elements

img-20150518-wa0000 img_20150520_131118 imag1095(1) imag1092 imag1032(1) img-20150419-wa0015 img-20150503-wa0017(1) imag0993(1) img_20150412_173146(1) imag0835(1) imag0597(1) img-20141208-wa0006(1)These are the insights of the process of my study here in Warwick. I am a mix of kinesthetic, visual and creative person. So when I study, eventhough I don’t study much, it looks I am studying my ass off. Papers and books all over the place. Warwick pushed me to become that person. I am an average student, not so brilliant but most of my friends would not believe me. But truly, I am an average student. I remember my coversation with Hisan, “i’m not talently smart. my only talent is that I am a hard-working person. if i lose that, i lose everything.”

Public transports

imag0753 imag0751 imag0749 imag0776(1) imag0777(1)Tarbiah in the UK forced me to travel and tarbiah seseorang itu dibentuk mengikut apa yang diinginkan Tuhannya. My kind of tarbiah were mostly on the public transport, be it buses of trains. I spend most of my time thinking, brainstorming, menghafaz, writing while I’m travelling.

Food and nutrition

imag0601(1) imag0837(1) imag0842(1) imag0880(1)

I hated cooking, up until I reach here.

Children and babies

Crime partners aka housemates

img-20150513-wa0010 img-20150602-wa0052 img-20150602-wa0036 img-20141104-wa0000 img-20150603-wa0000 img-20150130-wa0009 img-20150308-wa0038 img-20150308-wa0005 img-20150130-wa0010 img-20150130-wa0007 img-20141111-wa0013 img-20150603-wa0006 img-20150602-wa0053 img-20150602-wa0019 img-20150602-wa0005 img-20141204-wa0010 img-20141204-wa0031 img-20150602-wa0013 img-20141204-wa0034 img-20150602-wa0049 img-20150602-wa0039 img-20150602-wa0032 img-20150602-wa0029 img-20150602-wa0022 img-20150602-wa0034 img-20141104-wa0012 img-20150602-wa0026 img-20141104-wa0010 img-20141104-wa0017 img_20150517_125520  img-20141104-wa0013 img-20141104-wa0004 img-20141104-wa0020 img-20150407-wa0015 img-20141104-wa0007 img-20141104-wa0023 img-20141104-wa0005 img-20141104-wa0008 img-20150517-wa0018 img-20141104-wa0002 img-20150504-wa0010 instasize_2015_5 _ 49234 imag1332 imag1153 imag1149(1) imag1148(1) imag1090(1) imag1085(1) imag1080 imag1076(1) imag1063(1) imag1045(1) imag1003(1) imag0970 imag0892(1) imag0899(1) imag0773(1) imag0771 imag0694

These are the people whom I spend most of my time with in Warwick. Turn of my Subuh alarm when I’m too tired to do it. Cook tremendously delicious meals, heat up the heat pack whenever I’m having my period pain, read ma’thurat with walaupun mengantuk tak ingat dunia, solat jemaah with after being kepochis and all other stuff. These are the people who accept me to join their clan when I came alone to Warwick (eceh).

Cinta Hati

imag0655(1) img_20150218_125700(1) imag0785 imag0801(1) imag0817(1) imag0937 imag0942(1) imag1163 imag1162 imag1161 imag1160 img-20150607-wa0019 imag1188 imag1187 imag1191 imag1200 imag1208 imag1217 imag1296 imag1291 imag1292 imag1251 imag1249 imag1328 imag1331_1 img-20150712-wa0018 img-20150702-wa0015 img-20150502-wa0010 img-20150714-wa0016 instasize_2015_2 _ 24860 img-20150614-wa0010 img-20141229-wa0001 img-20141123-wa0028 instasize_2014_10 _ 241570 img-20150210-wa0004 img-20141107-wa0015_1 img-20150417-wa0003 img-20150322-wa0007 img-20150210-wa0002 img-20141123-wa0031 img-20141123-wa0032 img-20150407-wa0001 img-20150408-wa0029 img-20150406-wa0018 img-20150407-wa0006 img-20150716-wa0000 img-20150322-wa0006 img-20150210-wa0007 img-20150408-wa0028

Jodoh dan takdir


I think it is hard to summarize one year in a blog post. What should’ve been done was specific dedications for specific big events. And obviously I was too ‘occupied’ to do that.

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