It is hard.

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.


“Pada burung ada tabiat mendidik anak-anaknya supaya percaya kepada diri sendiri. Seekor induk burung mendidik anaknya beransur-ansur supaya pandai terbang sendiri. Diajarnya dari selangkah ke selangkah, melangkahkan kaki dan mengiraikan sayap.”

Pilihan hidup adalah suatu rahsia yang tidak mungkin manusia dapat rungkaikan. apatah lagi konsekuensi kepada pilihan itu. Kadang dengan pilihan yang telah dibuat kita akan seolah-olah rase kehilangan, seperti manusia di sekeliling meninggalkan kita ataupun seakan kita yang meninggalkan manusia sekeliling. membuat perancangan adalah sesuatu yang sangat mudah. To plan your milestone in life is the easiest part, to imagine what you are going to be is the easiest part. The hardest part is to create an environment that is condusive to your milestone. Contoh, to imagine yourself to be a writer is easy. But to discipline yourself to write every other day is super hard especially when you are a perfectionist. Words that flow is considered as a precious gold. Everything has to be meaningful. Second example – to imagine yourself getting married to your partner in crime by 23 is super easy. But to achieve that is super difficult. Sometimes you feel like you are ready, especially when others tell you that you are. But deep inside, you are not.

At this point of time, you will start losing your inner voice. The one that keeps you going. The one that tells you it’s going to be okay regardless of what will happen when you board the plane in the midst of chaotic terror that is happening around the world. You board the plane leaving everything else behind. Your loved ones, your hated ones, the ones you broke, the ones you promised. Sometimes you just need to isolate, find yourself, find your inner voice back again to keep you going.

I have been living a life believing that there will be a partner in crime for me out there. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. You can put faith on others to change the world, but if others fail, the size of your disappointment will be immense. For now, you will just have to depend on the self. Jangan takut dalam mengatur langkah demi langkah. Langkahkan kaki, dan mengiraikan sayap.


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