The Agony of Waiting

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.

I would always start my post with what I’ve written above. In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. It’s incredible in the most mundane and spontaneous habit, we find solace.

I am not good in waiting. But, I am getting better at it. If someone made me wait for hours and hours I might throw some curses here and there but I will wait. That was me, then. I tried killing time doing something useful and meaningful while waiting but sometimes it costs me. Like the other day last week, while I wait for the oil in the pan to reach its almost boiling point, I went upstairs and did something. Luckily, I put the fire at a very low level. Or the other day when I was waiting for my flight, I read a book. If I were to travel alone, I would have almost missed it. Waiting is an agony. Sometimes you tend to lose your senses.

A friend of mine the other day whatsapped me about her life in Malaysia. Most of my friends are now currently working, living lives as careerwomen/men. Matters such as jodoh, work and dakwah, self-development were discussed. And it came to me that, no matter where you are now, just remember that you will not be there forever. Time will pass and so do you. You will grow, you will flourish, you will fall, but you will get back up.

I can never remember the countless times that I did cry while going through this journey abroad. But it is indeed the path that I’ve chosen. Time difference do suck and it is an agony waiting for someone over there to wake up while you are trying as hard as you can to stay awake. Waiting is an agony.

Waiting for uncertainties is an agony. But cherish the ones who wait with you.



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