Terjumpa lagu ni. It’s a bit funny but true though.

Sesuatu yang ajaib bila mana manusia dikurniakan fitrah mempunyai the other half of them. It’s like once you were born, there is actually someone else outside there in the world which was assigned to be with you. Despite everything, and being separated by different regions of the world, or different time zone, or a completely different world, if it was written by Him, both parties will end up at a mutual point. I never thought of this because I used to think this is a petty matter. But when I did think about it, it’s seems incredible. It’s not like it is the ultimate mission of life to find the other half but it’s one of the life events that was written by Him, to give assistance for you to achieve the ultimate mission of your life.

Ajaib bukan?

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