Hi Sayang.

Have you ever felt the feeling when you listen to an unknown song, in a car or in a bookshop and you fell in love with its melody, the words within the lyrics? That makes you smile silently to yourself, and suddenly that special random someone, which might already exist or non-existent crush came to your mind. That makes you open shazam, eager to find out what song is it. That makes you put the song on loop, in your playlist so that you can listen to it non-stop. That makes you steal a smile or grin silently, the one that only you can feel the sincerity. That’s how my relationship with her.

She has the ability to make me smile like I did when I fell in love with an unknown song. We can talk endlessly about nothing or enjoy every minute of pure dead silence with our presence. But never in a moment would I feel awkward or uncomfortable. It’s the simple gestures, short replies, invisible actions that made her – she in my eyes. Maybe she will act differently towards other people, but she is who she is when she’s with me. She is the one whom I befriend with since the first time we saw each other when we were 9 years old at Hira’. She is the one whom I grew up with, fight for the silliest things, look me in the eyes for me when I did the stupidest mistakes, straighten me up whenever I seem to be going astray.

No other person besides her that would ask me, “pergi mana tu yang?” when I told her that I would be away for the weekend. She would reply, “hi sayang” or “ye yang” whenever I text. Despite going separate ways after we left Hira’, we’ll always find each other at some point, make time for each other, reply each others’ whatsapp, telegrams, video calls and late night calls. Despite living thousand miles away from her, I will always feel her presence, close enough to feel her warm shoulders, the one I can always lean to. I never thought that the lonely shy girl at the back of the class when we were standard three would be my soulmate and bestfriend. Happy belated birthday , Amni. You’ll always be my soulmate.





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